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Texas Petawatt.

LASER was turned on Monday that is brighter than the surface of the sun.

Tags: Laser Milestones Research.

Admixed embryos.

UK scientists have engineered a part-human part-animal cell in the lab.

Tags: Genetic engineering Milestones Stem cell research.


Researchers have designed a nanomachine that releases anticancer drugs directly into cancer cells.

Tags: Cancer Disease Medicine Milestones Nanostructures Nanotechnology Research.

Au clair de la lune.

Recording of the earliest known sound is now online.

Tags: History Milestones Online Sound.

HD 189733b.

Astronomers detect the life-forming molecule methane on a planet 63 light years away.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Milestones.

Organic light-emitting diode.

GE has manufactured the first ‘roll-to-roll’ flexible lighting device. (via)

Tags: Light Manufacturing Milestones.

You Make It, We Play It.

Advertisement contest that will broadcast the winning entry into outer space.

Tags: Contests Marketing Milestones Space.


Japan to launch its first manned space facility.

Tags: Milestones Space program.

Reservoir-triggered earthquakes.

Scientists have reportedly predicted an earthquake. (via)

Tags: Earthquakes Milestones Natural Disasters Prediction Science.


Scientists grow human stem cells inside of a mouse embryo. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Human genome Milestones Mouse Research Stem cells.

Myalgic encephalomyelitis.

Disease listed as the official cause of death for the first time is also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. (via)

Tags: Death Disease Milestones.

Gene expression.

Scientists observe a single gene transfer DNA information into RNA in the lab. (via)

Tags: DNA Genes Milestones Observe Transcription.

Beating-heart transplant.

British doctors keep a donor heart alive and pumping blood for five hours before successfully transplanting it into the patient.

Tags: Milestones Surgery Survival Technology Transplant.

Quantum Critical Point.

Scientists observe matter lose a dimension in the lab and go from 3D to 2D. (via)

Tags: Dimensions Materials Matter Milestones Physics.


Scientists discover that RNA allows mice to pass on physical traits without the offspring inheriting the genes. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery DNA Genes Milestones Research.

Chromosome 1.

Final chromosome of the human genome is sequenced.

Tags: DNA Genes Life Milestones Research.

Homo neanderthalensis.

Scientists have successfully extracted nuclear DNA sequences from a Neanderthal.

Tags: DNA Milestones Research.

A galaxy far, far away.

Astronomers discover molecular hydrogen 12.3 billion light-years away. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Gas Milestones Physics.

Neuron-powered CPU.

Rat nerve cell has been used to successfully ping a semiconductor computer chip. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Cells Milestones Research.

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program.

Drilling expedition has recovered an igneous rock called gabbro in a fossil magma chamber 1.4 km beneath the seafloor.

Tags: Drilling Milestones Rocks.

Rhode Island Wireless Innovation Networks.

Project designed to make Rhode Island the first state to offer a border-to-border wireless network. (via)

Tags: Milestones Web WiFi.

Precision Implantable Stimulator for Migraine.

Neurostimulation device designed to help migraine sufferers implanted into first patient.

Tags: Milestones Study Wellness.

Predictive Quantities Indicator.

Algorithm predicting that the English language is nearing one million words. (via)

Tags: Language Milestones Numbers Organizations.

Cell cycle control.

Scientist has discovered how to reverse the process of cell division. (via)

Tags: Discovery Milestones Research.

Tiktaalik roseae.

Fossil remains of a crocodile-like fish discovered that may be the missing link explaining how life transitioned from water to land.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Evolution Fish Life Milestones Paleontology.

Chronic granulomatous disease.

Incurable illness has been eradicated in two afflicted patients using gene therapy treatment. (via)

Tags: Disease DNA Genes Milestones.


Compounds that block cholera microbes from switching on their virulence factors and inhibit further development of the disease. (via)

Tags: Discovery Disease Milestones Research.

Ring oscillator.

Researchers create the first transparent integrated circuit.

Tags: Milestones Technology.

Expanded Programme on Immunization.

Vietnam has eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus as a public health problem.

Tags: Health Kids Milestones Nationality Survival.

Embryonic stem cells.

Scientists grow a human prostate inside of a mouse.

Tags: Animals His Milestones Organs Research.

Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

World Health Organization says that polio virus has been eradicated from Egypt and Niger. (via)

Tags: Disease Health Milestones Organizations Virus.

Lenticular printing process.

The Netherlands has used a specialized printing process to produce the first video postage stamp. (via)

Tags: Milestones Printing Video.

Quantum telecloning.

Scientists have successfully cloned and teleported an entire beam of laser light.

Tags: Laser Light Milestones Physics.

Faux gristle.

Scientists successfully produce synthetic human collagen. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Matter Milestones Research Technology.

Double crystal fusion.

Researchers have successfully produced tabletop fusion at room temperature.

Tags: Chemistry Milestones Physics.

What’s up, doc?

Chinese surgeons successfully transplant a rabbit’s face. (via)

Tags: Animals Milestones Surgery.

Fluid turbulence.

Scientists have solved the last great unsolved problem of classical physics.

Tags: Measure Milestones Phenomena Physics.

Offensive odors.

California declares secondhand smoke a toxic pollutant.

Tags: Health Milestones News Smoking Social responsibility.

Electron tomography.

Scientists discover how the influenza virus organizes and replicates.

Tags: Disease Milestones Science Virus.

Freeze frame.

Japanese researchers recover ice sample from Antarctica believed to be one million years old. (via)

Tags: Discovery Milestones Water.

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