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Sticker that lets you know when fruit has ripened. (via)

Tags: Fruit Measure Ripe Technology.

10 million bits per second.

Researchers calculate that the human retina transmits data at roughly the same speed as an Ethernet connection.

Tags: Bandwidth Data Eyes Measure Research.

10 to the 23rd power.

Scientists calculate the energy in joules required for nature to produce a new species. (via)

Tags: Energy Life Measure Nature.

Atomic scale.

Scientists have created a technique that can clock the movements of atoms in nanoseconds. (via)

Tags: Measure Nanotechnology.

Ostfriesland Hotel.

German hotel is charging guests by how much they weigh.

Tags: Measure Travel Weight loss.

Sonic Detection and Ranging.

Meteorological technique that measures sound waves to predict earthquakes.

Tags: Earthquake Measure Natural Disasters Sound.

Sky Disc of Nebra.

Bronze Age disc was used 3,600 years ago to calculate a thirteenth month. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Astronomy Discovery Measure.

Electric-dipole moment.

Phenomenon that is helping scientists answer why there is more matter in the universe than anti-matter. (via)

Tags: Matter Measure Phenomena Unexplained.


Florida town is mysteriously losing 1 to 2 million gallons of water a month.

Tags: Lost Measure Unexplained Water.

Fluid turbulence.

Scientists have solved the last great unsolved problem of classical physics.

Tags: Measure Milestones Phenomena Physics.

Park Mate.

Driver assistance device that detects a parking space and then parks the car. (via)

Tags: Cars Measure Technology.


Scientists discover world’s smallest fish. (via)

Tags: Discovery Fish Measure.

Vote with Your Throat.

Ontario brewery is counting sales of beers renamed for running political parties as votes, and it is proving to be a startlingly accurate barometer for poll measurement.

Tags: Beer Election Marketing Measure Politics.


Scientists have finally calculated the atomic structure of a highly caustic, “super acid” molecule. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Measure Milestones Theories.

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