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Scientists discover a new state of matter.

Tags: Discovery Matter Physics.

Atomic number 118.

Scientists have created a new element in the lab.

Tags: Chemistry Lab Matter.


Laser interferometer that can detect gravitational waves caused by the motions of matter that have rippled across space-time since the Big Bang. (via)

Tags: Big Bang Gravity Matter Relativity Space Technology Time.

Stable bound state.

Physicists force two atoms to stay together by placing a repulsive force between them.

Tags: Counterintuitive Matter Physics.

Quantum Critical Point.

Scientists observe matter lose a dimension in the lab and go from 3D to 2D. (via)

Tags: Dimensions Materials Matter Milestones Physics.

Linear response theory.

Scientists discover a molecule that spins without causing friction.

Tags: Discovery Matter Physics Science.

Anti-planetary particles.

Scientists discover electron rays on Saturn‘s polar region that accelerate away from the planet. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Matter Planets Space.

Electric-dipole moment.

Phenomenon that is helping scientists answer why there is more matter in the universe than anti-matter. (via)

Tags: Matter Measure Phenomena Unexplained.

Faux gristle.

Scientists successfully produce synthetic human collagen. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Matter Milestones Research Technology.

Organic matter preservation.

Scientists discover that clay minerals are largely responsible for life on Earth.

Tags: Matter Paleontology Prehistoric Science.

Optical matter arrays.

Scientists have assembled matter particles that are held together by light. (via)

Tags: Light Matter Nanotechnology Physics Science.

Critical slowdown.

Researchers have finally created a mathematical model that will simulate matter changing phases. (via)

Tags: Chemistry Math Matter Milestones Research Science.

Quantum chromodynamics.

Physicists may have discovered a new form of matter called a glueball. (via)

Tags: Discovery Matter Physics.

Neodymium magnets.

The most powerful magnets on Earth. (via)

Tags: Matter Physics.


Scientists have merged living bacteria with electrodes to successfully ‘complete an electronic circuit.

Tags: Energy Make Matter Nanotechnology.


Scientists have created a molecule that walks on two feet.

Tags: Make Matter Nanotechnology.

Dark matter.

Astronomers have found invisible matter that dominates the cosmos.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Matter Milestones Research Science Space Study.

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