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Geometrical music theory.

Researchers have developed a mathematical method that turns music into shapes.

Tags: Math Music.

Schwarz-Christoffel formula.

Professor solves 140 year old math problem.

Tags: Math.

North American mosquito fish.

Scientists discover that a fish can count up to the number four.

Tags: Discovery Fish Math.

Species-reaction graphs.

Mathematical calculations created that help explain why cells sometimes react in unexpected ways with different meds. (via)

Tags: Biology Discovery Math Medicines Reactions.

Rounded body with a near-gaussian distribution of curvatures.

Researchers discover the shape of a pebble and that it never changes as it erodes.

Tags: Discovery Distributions Math Research Rocks Shape.


Mathematicians create a triple-necked guitar that operates on the principles of Pythagoras and produces non-harmonic sounds.

Tags: 11 Guitar Math Music Sound.

High-resolution time-frequency analysis.

Mathematicians create an algorithm that is able to process sound frequencies on par with the human brain. (via)

Tags: Analysis Brain Math Sound.

Poincaré Conjecture.

Chinese scientists may have won a million dollar prize by proving a previously unsolvable math problem.

Tags: Challenge Contests Math Prizes Problem.

Randall-Sundrum braneworld model.

Theory of gravity that holds that the visible universe is a membrane embedded within a larger universe. (via)

Tags: Math Physics Space Theories.

Big Bounce.

Researchers combine quantum physics with general relativity and detect a pre-Big Bang universe. (via)

Tags: Math Science Space Theories.

(S+C) x (B+F)/T = V.

Scientist has developed a mathematical formula for assessing the perfect posterior. (via)

Tags: Body Hers Math.


Scientists discover area of the brain responsible for poor math skills. (via)

Tags: Brain Discovery Math.

Critical slowdown.

Researchers have finally created a mathematical model that will simulate matter changing phases. (via)

Tags: Chemistry Math Matter Milestones Research Science.

Dual theorems.

New mathematical method, a combination of kinematics and statics, allows structures to be designed that can maintain their strength when damaged or compromised. (via)

Tags: Design Engineering Math.


Musical piece that will play continuously for 1000 years. (via)

Tags: Art Math Music World.

Genus one helicoid.

Mathematicians have discovered the existence of a new ‘minimal surface. (via)

Tags: Discovery Math Problems.

Second coming?

The number ‘2’ appeared in the eye of Hurricane Wilma.

Tags: Discovery Math Natural Disasters Photos.

Counting water.

Amazon River flooding, which causes South America to sink several inches because of the extra weight, may one day help calculate the total amount of water on Earth.

Tags: Discovery Learning Math Research Study Water.

HE = PI x C/T + BM.

Russian physicist has discovered a scientific formula for laughter. (via)

Tags: Humor Math People Physics.


Explaining and understanding the equation E = mc2. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Math People Physics Science Space.

Yada, yada, yada.

An exposé on infinity. (via)

Tags: Math Physics Research Science Unexplained.


97 percent certainty that God raised Christ from the dead.

Tags: Math Religion Unexplained.

Pi man.

Man from Japan recites pi to 83,431 digits from memory.

Tags: Challenge Math Milestones.

No love for the B Minus Time Traveller.

Even if you could travel back in time, you still may not be able to alter the past. (via)

Tags: Math Physics Unexplained.

Check your facts.

A man with so many wives, only he knows how many.

Tags: Legal Math Politics.

A ‘head’ of his time.

Albert Einstein, space alien.

Tags: Ideas Math People Physics Science.

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