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Cell phone that you can stretch.

Tags: Materials Nanotechnology Phone.

Synthetic Gecko.

Material developed that is based on the sticky feet of geckos. (via)

Tags: Adhesive Animals Bioinspiration Materials Technology.

BioHaven Wild Floating Islands.

Product derived from recycled materials is a man-made island that is designed to filter water pollution.

Tags: Eco-friendly Environmental Green Materials Pollution Products Recycling Water.

Bone morpheonetic proteins.

Protein that induces cells to morph into bone can regenerate tissue around teeth damaged by gum disease. (via)

Tags: Bone Dental Discovery Gum Disease Materials Research Teeth Tissue regeneration.


Scientists are using modified silk fibers to encourage damaged nerve cells to regenerate. (via)

Tags: Materials Nerve cells Regeneration Research Technology.

Active Building Envelope.

Thin-film technology that uses solar energy to turn ordinary surfaces into climate control systems. (via)

Tags: AC Discovery HVAC Materials Technology.

Cellular aluminum.

Aluminum material developed that is porously designed like foam to be strong and evenly distribute impact forces.

Tags: Materials Metals Nanotechnology Recycling Technology.

Boing boing.

Washington, D.C. is testing sidewalks that are created from recycled rubber tires.

Tags: Environmental Green Materials Recycling Urban planning.


Chemical intermediate derived from fructose sugar that can be turned into plastic. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Biomass Materials Plastics.


Fabrication process that produces bioactive vascular grafts designed to help patients regenerate new arteries. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Cardiovascular Health Materials.

Shear thickening fluid.

Liquid to be used in armor that immediately becomes solid and absorbs energy when impacted by a ballistic threat.

Tags: Armor Materials Survival War.


Scientists put dry ice under extreme pressure and produce a new glass substance.

Tags: CO2 Lab Materials.


Researchers have created a smart paper that bends in the presence of an electric field.

Tags: Airplanes Materials Research Robots Surveillance.

High-tensile nanocomposite.

Scientists engineer a strong new nanomaterial by fusing silica and spider silk.

Tags: Bioengineering Materials Nanotechnology.


Manufacturing process that has allowed Epson to create a high-resolution, flexible electronic paper. (via)

Tags: Business Eink Epaper Materials Paper Technology.

Quantum Critical Point.

Scientists observe matter lose a dimension in the lab and go from 3D to 2D. (via)

Tags: Dimensions Materials Matter Milestones Physics.

Modular carbon-fibre wings.

Parachute system being tested that will allow paratroopers to fly up to 200km before landing.

Tags: Discovery Materials Military.

Chemical vapor deposition.

Chemical process that simulates conditions present at the beginning of time is being used to grow real diamonds. (via)

Tags: Make Materials Technology.


Researchers have developed materials that can bend radio waves and light in any direction and allow objects to appear invisible.

Tags: Future Light Materials Nanotechnology Technology Vision.


Handblown crystal material used in wine glasses that is designed to be unbreakable. (via)

Tags: Materials Products.


Spray-on composite consisting of polyurethane and crushed stones is designed to help protect coastlines from erosion. (via)

Tags: Materials Preservation Products.

Lithium monoboride compound.

Binary alloy that is theorized to be a record-breaking superconductive structure when synthesized. (via)

Tags: Discovery Engineering Materials Metals Record breakers.


Material discovered that gets colder when placed in a magnetic field. (via)

Tags: Discovery Materials Phenomena Physics Research.


Plastic bio-polymer derived from corn is both 100% compostable and biodegradeable. (via)

Tags: Eco-friendly Materials Products.

Piezoelectric nanogenerators.

Researchers have produced electricity by vibrating tiny nanowires.

Tags: Energy Materials Nanotechnology.

Thor Shield.

Polyester fabric that is resistant to stun gun voltage.

Tags: Materials.

Liquid-crystalline polymers.

Plastic has been developed that an electric current can pass through.

Tags: Materials.

Chemo-biotechnological conversion.

Process using soil bacterium that converts Styrofoam into a biodegradeable plastic.

Tags: Eco-friendly Environmental Materials Recycling Waste.

Plastic solar cell.

Spray-on composite that harnesses solar energy and turns it into electricity. (via)

Tags: Energy Materials Nanotechnology Sun.

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

Researchers are developing self-cleaning coatings for surfaces in homes and hospitals that are activated by indoor light.

Tags: Light Materials Nanotechnology Research.

Great Train Track Robbery.

German thieves steal 5 kilometers of railroad track.

Tags: Materials People Theft.

Spacecraft skin.

Composite material being tested for spacecraft that can heal itself like human skin.

Tags: Materials Space Study Technology.


Israeli company has created a material five times stronger than steel. (via)

Tags: Materials Nanotechnology Synthetics.

Aluminum oxynitride.

US Military is developing see-through aluminum armor. (via)

Tags: Materials Resources Soldiers Synthetics War.

Dish Maker.

Machine molds cups, plates, and bowls out of a recyclable material that can be remolded again and again.

Tags: Ideas Make Materials Recycling Synthetics.


Plastic that is made from plants and dissolves in water. (via)

Tags: Environmental Ideas Materials Recycling Synthetics Water.

Spider silk.

Scientists in Montreal have bred dairy goats with a spider and produced a unique silk protein, called BioSteel, for use in bulletproof vests, medical supplies and space equipment. (via)

Tags: Animals Make Materials Science Synthetics.

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