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You Make It, We Play It.

Advertisement contest that will broadcast the winning entry into outer space.

Tags: Contests Marketing Milestones Space.

Free tacos.

Taco Bell to give a free taco to everyone in the US for each World Series home run that hits a left field target tonight.

Tags: Baseball Food Marketing Sports.


Seven-Eleven convenience store chain has purchased the rights to the starting time of Chicago White Sox baseball games.

Tags: Baseball Business Marketing Sports.

Classic Chocolate Lager.

Chocolate beer.

Tags: Beer Beverages Chocolate Discovery Holidays Ideas Marketing Products.

Tooth Tunes.

Toothbrush that plays music while brushing that you hear in your head. (via)

Tags: Kids Marketing Music Products Sound Teeth.

Rising Sun Anger Release Bar.

Bar in China where customers can beat up the staff.

Tags: Alcohol Anger Emotion Ideas Marketing.


CBS will advertise TV shows for its fall lineup on the shells of eggs.

Tags: Eggs Food Ideas Marketing Technology TV.


Advertisers are are designing website placeholders with ads on popular domain name misspellings. (via)

Tags: Controversy Marketing Web.

Children’s Tylenol with Flavor Creator.

Liquid medicine that is packaged with a packets of flavor crystals allows children to make their medicine taste better. (via)

Tags: Kids Marketing Medicine Products.

Say WA.

Slogan created to encourage tourism for Washington state.

Tags: Language Marketing Travel.

Where the bloody hell are you?

Australian ad campaign seeks to attract more tourists by swearing at them. (via)

Tags: Ideas Language Marketing Nationality Propaganda Tours Travel.

Stampede beer.

Beer that is better for you because it is enhanced with vitamins.

Tags: Beer Diet Health Marketing Products.


Service that will put ads on roofs. (via)

Tags: Business eBay Ideas Marketing Propaganda Web.

Vote with Your Throat.

Ontario brewery is counting sales of beers renamed for running political parties as votes, and it is proving to be a startlingly accurate barometer for poll measurement.

Tags: Beer Election Marketing Measure Politics.

Dead Body Guy.

Man who wants to play dead for a living. (via)

Tags: Blog Bogus Crime Death Entertainment Marketing Murder Music People TV Web.


Swiss group believes that they can make Google eat itself. (via)

Tags: Business Google Ideas Marketing Money Search Web.

Shirtless guy.

California man offering ad rental space on his chest and back.

Tags: Crazes Ideas Marketing Money People.

Read me!

Advertisement placed on airport runway.

Tags: Ideas Marketing Milestones Propaganda.

I see dead people.

Outdoor marketing campaign that used people made up to look like they had been murdered.

Tags: Body Bogus Death Deception Marketing Murder.

The Force is with them.

Cable channel buys TV rights to all six Star Wars movies. (via)

Tags: Business Culture Entertainment Marketing Money Movies Star Wars TV.


Biologically Appropriate Raw Food is being marketed as a healthier alternative to processed dog and cat foods.

Tags: Animals Diet Food Health Marketing Pests Products.

Moving ads.

German electronics firm has created paper-sized TV screens that can be used to animate ads in newspapers and magazines. (via)

Tags: Ideas Marketing Publishing Technology TV Video.

All five fingers.

Singapore launches the ‘Singapore Road Wave‘, a behavior modification campaign aimed at reducing road rage incidents among motorists.

Tags: Cars Culture Marketing Propaganda.


Texas corporation will have online gaming competitions with trips to space as winning prizes. (via)

Tags: Business Challenge Games Marketing Prizes Space Travel Video Games.

Keep the change.

Bank of America offering new debit card program that rounds up purchases to the next dollar and invests the difference in a bank-matching account. (via)

Tags: Business Change Ideas Investment Marketing Money.

Bootie beer.

Beverage with a risqué name looking to shake up the beer industry. (via)

Tags: Beer Ideas Marketing Products Sex.

Alaska B4UDIE.

Alaska Travel Industry Association launches a billboard marketing campaign featuring a slogan ‘to get people thinking about Alaska now rather than later.

Tags: Culture Marketing Organizations Propaganda.


Mexican beer mix of lime juice, spices, chili pepper, ice and a salted rim is coming to America.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Marketing.


Guys: Patch up those cuts and bruises with duct tape bandages.

Tags: His Ideas Marketing Products.


A reverse search engine that allows consumers to publicly advertise the products they are seeking and for the marketers of these products to reach them. (via)

Tags: Change Marketing Products Relationships Search Web.


A nonalcoholic beer has been created to target children and is being packaged in brown bottles to look like real beer. (via)

Tags: Beer Bogus Culture Marketing Products Protest.

Buyer’s reward.

Mitsubishi says customers who buy a 2005 model year vehicle will get free gas for a year.

Tags: Cars Gas Ideas Marketing.

Noodles in space.

TV commercial for Cup Noodle to be filmed on the International Space Station.

Tags: Food Marketing Milestones Space.


Web startup aims to be ‘the product lending library for the world’. (via)

Tags: Change Culture Ideas Marketing Products Resources Web World.

$1,000,000 Home Page.

Man plans on making himself a millionaire, one pixel at a time. (via)

Tags: Business Ideas Marketing Money People Web.

Ad man.

Man paints ads on his face and body in hopes of becoming a real live ad model. (via)

Tags: Ideas Marketing Money People.


Legos.com is a redirect page owned by LEGO that correctly informs you that the brand name LEGO is not plural. (via)

Tags: Language Marketing Mistakes Propaganda Web.

Divine opportunity.

Image of Jesus on a perogi bought by, you guessed it, GoldenPalace.com.

Tags: Crazes Discovery Followup Food Jesus Marketing Religion.

Not armed or dangerous.

Radio station stunt that had three listeners dress like escaped inmates trying to hitch a ride backfired when dozens of ‘terrified’ motorists called 911.

Tags: Bogus Contests Fear Marketing Mistakes Parody Prank Prison Woopsie.


Putting the homeless to work by putting advertisements on them.

Tags: Business Culture Ideas Jobs Marketing Survival.

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