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Chemical vapor deposition.

Chemical process that simulates conditions present at the beginning of time is being used to grow real diamonds. (via)

Tags: Make Materials Technology.

Making cents.

Zinc popularity has increased the cost of manufacturing a penny to 1.4 cents each. (via)

Tags: Make Money.

Beef Jerky Factory Plus.

Kit to make beef jerky at home. (via)

Tags: Food How-to Make Products.


How to make booze using Tang.

Tags: Alcohol How-to Make Products.

Mesenchymal stem cells.

Scientists will try to make bones from human blood. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Controversy Health Make.


How to make your own air conditioning. (via)

Tags: How-to Make.

Wake n’ Bacon alarm clock.

Alarm clock that goes off by cooking bacon. (via)

Tags: Bacon Cooking Ideas Make.

Sugar glass.

How to make fake glass. (via)

Tags: Bogus How-to Make Movies.

Cold beverage.

How to make shot glasses out of ice. (via)

Tags: Alcohol How-to Make.


Scientists have created a material 40 times harder than diamonds. (via)

Tags: Engineering Make Nanotechnology Synthetics.

Organ printing.

Researchers developing ‘bio-printer’ that can make human organs.

Tags: Make Organs Research Technology.


Man creates colored bubbles. (via)

Tags: Challenge Discovery Ideas Make People Products Science Synthetics.

Top gun.

How to build the best paper airplane in the world.

Tags: Airplanes How-to Make Too much free time.

Carbon sequestration technology.

Scientist invents fake trees to help rid the air of carbon dioxide. (via)

Tags: Environmental Global warming Ideas Make People.


Scientists have merged living bacteria with electrodes to successfully ‘complete an electronic circuit.

Tags: Energy Make Matter Nanotechnology.


Scientists have created a molecule that walks on two feet.

Tags: Make Matter Nanotechnology.

Dish Maker.

Machine molds cups, plates, and bowls out of a recyclable material that can be remolded again and again.

Tags: Ideas Make Materials Recycling Synthetics.

College try.

MIT students recreate ArchimedesDeath Ray and successfully burn a hole in a ship. (via)

Tags: Build Challenge Education Fire History Make People Research Sailing Study.

Ion exchange membrane.

Japanese machine ages new wine in 15 seconds. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Gadgets Make.

Merchandise 7X.

Coca-Cola’s secret ingredient is now documented at Wikipedia, along with recipes to create the secret formula. (via)

Tags: Culture Make Products Secret.

Murata Boy.

Japanese company has created a robot that can ride a bike.

Tags: Build Design Make Research Robots Technology.

Cold one.

Bar in London has been built entirely out of ice.

Tags: Alcohol Build Business Ideas Make Tavern.

Extraterrestrial Route.

Puerto Rico is building a landing strip for UFO‘s. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Culture Make UFO Unexplained.

Balloon bass.

A musician builds a bass guitar with three balloons and a piece of string. (via)

Tags: Instruments Make People.

Spider silk.

Scientists in Montreal have bred dairy goats with a spider and produced a unique silk protein, called BioSteel, for use in bulletproof vests, medical supplies and space equipment. (via)

Tags: Animals Make Materials Science Synthetics.

The Work Blind.

Man creates a curtain for his work cubicle that makes it look like he is working. (via)

Tags: Culture Deception Escape Humor Ideas Make People Workplace.

Paper hat.

How to make a paper hat. (via)

Tags: How-to Make Resources.


A Flash application which makes organizational booklets that fit right in your pocket. (via)

Tags: Make Resources Web.


Artificial skin has been developed to give robots ‘a humanlike sense of touch. (via)

Tags: Make Robots Technology.

Come on.

Boy inventor given a grade of C for inventing a hamster-powered cell phone charger.

Tags: Animals Education Gadgets Ideas Make People Pets Phone.

Practical urban weaponry.

How to make your own flamethrower. (via)

Tags: Fire How-to Make Weapons.

Fed up.

The guy who makes furniture out of Fedex boxes is now being told by Fedex to take down his site. (via)

Tags: Business Followup How-to Legal Make Products Recycling Resources Web.


Make a wedding ring from your own bones. (via)

Tags: Hers His Ideas Make Products Spouse Weddings.

Bed Ex.

Creating furniture with packaging supplies. (via)

Tags: How-to Make Products Recycling Resources.

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