Category: Lucky

Tornado-propelled human flight.

Man is whisked 1300 feet away from his home by a tornado and lives. (via)

Tags: Lucky People Record breakers Survival.


Man who dies 32 times in 20 minutes survives. (via)

Tags: Death Lucky People Survival.

Welcome to America.

A Kenyan man naturalized as an American wins the lottery the same day he takes his oath of citizenship.

Tags: Contests Lucky Money Nationality People Prizes.

Honey, I burnt down the house.

German woman trying to kill spiders with fire accidentally burns down her house instead.

Tags: Accident Escape Family Fire Lucky Mistakes People Pests Woopsie.

Half the man.

Russian man survives after cutting himself in half with circular saw. (via)

Tags: Health Injury Lucky Mistakes People Survival Woopsie.


Woman lifts car off person trapped underneath.

Tags: Bizarre Cars Injury Lucky People Rescue Survival Unexplained Wrecks.

Manic survivor.

Man climbs, and falls, from same building twice.

Tags: Bizarre Injury Lucky People Survival.

Live munitions: Part I.

Man finds live bullet in tin of spaghetti. (via)

Tags: Bullets Discovery Food Lucky Weapons.

This is only a drill.

Man saved from ‘controlled‘ fire drill.

Tags: Fire Lucky Mistakes Rescue Survival Woopsie.

9 minus 1 equals 8.

Australian woman brings family cat back to life with CPR.

Tags: Animals Lucky Pets Rescue Survival.

Nature preserves.

Lions rescue and protect kidnapped girl in Africa. (via)

Tags: Animals Crime Kidnapping Lucky Rescue Survival Unexplained.

Stayin’ alive.

Proof that cars and wombats don’t mix.

Tags: Animals Cars Lucky Survival.

Wonder boy.

Lost four-year-old boy survives in the mountains for six days!

Tags: Lucky Survival Unexplained.

Learning to fly.

Sleepwalking man lucky to be alive after walking off of his roof.

Tags: Lucky Sleep Survival.

Stiff neck.

So that’s why that kink in my neck just never seemed to go away.

Tags: Health Lucky Survival War.

Not once, but twice.

Pennsylvania woman wins $1 million lotto for the second time this year.

Tags: Contests Lucky Money.

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