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U.S. v. Approximately 64,695 Pounds of Shark Fins.

Asset forfeiture involving 32 tons of shark fins. (via)

Tags: Legal Names Sharks.

David “None of the Above” Gatchell.

Man running for governor of Tennessee legally changes his middle name to None of the above. (via)

Tags: Ballot Controversy Election Legal Names People Politics Propaganda Voting.

Section L of Chapter 265 of the Texas Administrative Code.

Texas law that has abolished high diving boards from swimming pools. (via)

Tags: Culture Legal Prevention Safety Swimming.

Great Ape Project.

Spanish Socialist Party to introduce a bill proposing equal rights be given to apes.

Tags: Animals Legal Organizations Politics.

Save sasquatch.

Bigfoot has been granted full protection by the Johor government.

Tags: Bigfoot Legal Preservation.

Free Bob.

Campaign to free a stuffed moose head that was confiscated from its owner for trying to sell it on eBay.

Tags: Animals eBay Legal Propaganda.

Apology Act.

British Columbia is passing a law making it legal for people and companies to apologize. (via)

Tags: Business Insurance Legal.

The end.

Frozen French couple are forced to be cremated after their cryongenic freezer brakes.

Tags: Death Future Legal People.


African Americans whose ancestors were Native American slaves are suing to become tribal citizens. (via)

Tags: History Legal Nationality People.

Beer-for-your-horses bill.

South Dakota legalizes drunken horse riding and bike riding.

Tags: Alcohol Drunk Legal Travel.

The Syndicate®.

Online gaming community trademarks their guild name.

Tags: Games Legal Video Games Web.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Brain-scanning technolgy that detects lying may soon be admissible as evidence in courts of law.

Tags: Brain Legal Technology.

Probable forgery.

Pennsylvania man signs his name as ‘God.

Tags: Controversy Legal People Religion.

Workers comp.

Insurance underwriter wins lawsuit against her employer for tripping over a stack of claims forms. (via)

Tags: Insurance Irony Legal Money People.

Cryonics movement.

Rich people, dubbed cryonauts, are creating trust funds that they can reclaim when their bodies are unfrozen and reanimated in the future. (via)

Tags: Business Death Investment Legal Money People Preservation.


Thai man busted in Singapore for dealing drugs escapes caning by getting a sex change.

Tags: Busted Change Crime Drugs Hers His Legal People Sex.

Habeas corpus.

Texas attorney kidnaps his own client.

Tags: Kidnapping Legal Money People.

Lend me your ears.

Forensic anthropologist to testify in bank robbery case about the accused man’s earlobes.

Tags: Body Legal People Robbery.

Peace out.

British driver banned one year from driving for flashing the “V-sign” at a speed camera. (via)

Tags: Busted Cars Legal People.

Burden of proof.

Italian judge orders priest to prove that Jesus Christ existed. (via)

Tags: Challenge History Jesus Legal People Religion.

Middle initial ‘H’.

New York man legally changes his name to Jesus Christ. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Jesus Legal People Religion.

Naked Rambler.

Man defending charges of being naked in public shows up to court naked.

Tags: Clothing Culture Irony Legal People.

Christ air.

Skateboarder who invented the “ollie” skate trick is suing large corporations like Disney and Sega for copyright infringement.

Tags: Culture Legal People.

Dying prohibited.

Brazillian mayor proposing for law making it illegal to die.

Tags: Bizarre Death Govern Legal People.

Wrongful life.

Disabled Australian woman suing doctor for letting her be born. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Legal People Protest.


Pennsylvania Game Commission to allow use of prehistoric weapon for deer hunting. (via)

Tags: Animals Hunting Legal Weapons.

Storsjo monster.

Mythical creature protected as endangered species by Swedish government now fair game for hunters. (via)

Tags: Govern Hunting Legal.

Sue the Maker.

Romanian prisoner sues God for failing to save him from the devil.

Tags: Bizarre Crime Culture Legal People Religion.


Swedish sperm donor ordered by court to pay child support.

Tags: Culture Divorce Family Irony Kids Legal Money People Sex.

Animal tracking.

Japanese legislation would require owners of dangerous animals to have tracking microchips implanted into their pets in case they got loose.

Tags: Animals Big brother Deadly Legal Pets Technology.

Sin city.

Bankrupt New Orleans may have to start releasing prisoners.

Tags: Crime Legal Money Natural Disasters Prison Security.

Will I get it?

Brazilian psychic is claiming that the United States owes him the $25 million reward for providing the hiding place of Saddam Hussein.

Tags: Celebrity Controversy Discovery Legal Money People Unexplained War.

Truth in Age Act.

A bill is being debated that, if passed, will date the lives of all Americans from conception, making everyone 9 months older. (via)

Tags: Change Legal Politics.

His bad.

God officially blamed for a 2003 ferry disaster. (via)

Tags: Accident Bizarre Deadly Death Insurance Legal Natural Disasters Politics Sailing Travel Unexplained.

Leggo my eggo.

Man kills man over can of Spam. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Crime Food Legal Murder People Punishment.

Naked man.

Suspect pleading to a felony charge of public nudity strips out of his jumpsuit twice during the courtroom hearing. (via)

Tags: Crime Irony Legal People.


Russian astrologer is suing NASA for smashing the Deep Impact probe into a comet and ‘ruining her predictions. (via)

Tags: Culture Legal News People Space.

Got sex ever?

Real-life 40-year-old virgins are suing Universal Pictures for making ‘them very uncomfortable’ with the soon-to-be-realeased “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”. (via)

Tags: Culture Ego Entertainment Legal Movies Parody People Protest Sex.

We the sons of Mesopotamia.

Full text of the draft Iraqi Constitution. (via)

Tags: History Legal Milestones Politics.

Too late.

Innocent maid criminally convicted and executed in 1945 posthumously pardoned in Georgia.

Tags: Change Crime Culture Death Forgiven Legal Mistakes Murder People Prison Punishment.

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