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Manmade lightning.

Scientists shoot pulses of LASER light at a thunderstorm and trigger lightning. (via)

Tags: Laser Lightning Weather Weather modification.

Texas Petawatt.

LASER was turned on Monday that is brighter than the surface of the sun.

Tags: Laser Milestones Research.

Photoacoustic detection.

Technique that allows scientists to detect skin cancer by hearing it.

Tags: Cancer Laser Research Sound.

Texas Petawatt Laser.

LASER to be test fired in 2007 that will produce 1,000,000,000,000,000 watts of power.

Tags: Energy Laser Light Technology.


Researchers have created a type of laser that uses sound instead of light. (via)

Tags: Laser Light Mechanics Science Sound Technology.

Free-electron laser.

Researchers have developed a laser beam that safely melts away human fat. (via)

Tags: Happiness Laser Weight loss.

Low intensity laser beams.

Hong Kong company offers tatoos for pet fish. (via)

Tags: Business Fish Laser Pets Tattoo.

Quantum telecloning.

Scientists have successfully cloned and teleported an entire beam of laser light.

Tags: Laser Light Milestones Physics.

Advanced Tactical Laser.

High energy laser that is able to produce ‘lethal and non-lethal effects on the battlefield and in urban operations. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Laser War Weapons.

Electromagnetically induced transparency.

Researchers in Australia have stopped light for more than one second. UPDATE: This optical technique has also allowed them to peer through solid objects.

Tags: Laser Physics Research Science Study.

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