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Tooth Tunes.

Toothbrush that plays music while brushing that you hear in your head. (via)

Tags: Kids Marketing Music Products Sound Teeth.

The Baby Mind Reader.

Man who professes to being able to read the minds of babies. (via)

Tags: Kids Medium People Psychic Unexplained.


Interactive program that allows sick or suspended children a telepresence in the classroom by synching a robot at home with a robot in the classroom.

Tags: Education Kids Program Robots.

Human Speechome Project.

Surveillance project that will monitor children at home to understand how we learn to speak. (via)

Tags: Kids Language Learning.


Robot modelled on the torso of a two-year old child is helping researchers to understand the development of human perception. (via)

Tags: Kids Perception Research Robots.

Children’s Tylenol with Flavor Creator.

Liquid medicine that is packaged with a packets of flavor crystals allows children to make their medicine taste better. (via)

Tags: Kids Marketing Medicine Products.


Humanoid robot that is embedded with young school children to study how humans bond emotionally with machines.

Tags: Kids Relationships Robots Study.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

Program designed to help school children lose weight by standing all day in the classroom. (via)

Tags: Fitness Health Kids Weight loss.

Naming rights.

China to regulate the naming of babies. (via)

Tags: Big brother Govern Kids Nationality.

World wide waste.

North Dakota boy is attempting to print the entire Internet on paper. (via)

Tags: Challenge Kids Web.

Unidentical twins.

Woman gives birth to twin girls: one black and one white. (via)

Tags: Birth Bizarre Kids.

Expanded Programme on Immunization.

Vietnam has eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus as a public health problem.

Tags: Health Kids Milestones Nationality Survival.

Star children.

Evidence of children encountering UFOs and extraterrestrials to be presented to a United Nations affiliated conference.

Tags: Information Kids Organizations UFO Unexplained.


The world’s first spray-on birth control. (via)

Tags: Drugs Kids Prevention Products.

Oocyte cryopreservation.

Researchers have developed a procedure for women to freeze their eggs for later fertilization. (via)

Tags: Hers Kids Preservation Sex.

Niall of the Nine Hostages.

Irish king responsible for 3 million offspring worldwide. (via)

Tags: Govern History Kids Numbers People.

Young blood.

Michigan boy elected mayor of his town. (via)

Tags: Election Govern Kids People.

Instant messenger.

Newborn baby delivers spoken prophecy to South African village.

Tags: Armageddon Death Kids People Unexplained.


Chinese man has 1.5 million descendants. (via)

Tags: Family Kids Nationality People Sex Spouse.

Goo goo.

Swedish parents name their newborn baby ‘Google. (via)

Tags: Culture Google Kids People.

You may like them.

How to make green eggs and ham. (via)

Tags: Books Culture Food How-to Kids.


Swedish sperm donor ordered by court to pay child support.

Tags: Culture Divorce Family Irony Kids Legal Money People Sex.

The Lord’s name in vain.

Young boy to teacher: Why did Mary and Joseph name their baby after a swear word? (via)

Tags: Humor Kids Language Learning Organizations Religion Resources.

Bufo toxin.

Kids in Australia are getting high on frogs.

Tags: Animals Crazes Culture Deadly Drugs Kids Lefthanded Smoking.

Richie Rich.

Italian schoolboy wins lottery.

Tags: Contests Kids Money People Prizes.


Rollercoaster gets woman pregnant.

Tags: Bizarre Entertainment Kids Spouse Theme parks.

Bullet with butterfly wings.

Army develops coloring book to teach kids living living on military base the dangers of ammunition they may find.

Tags: Bullets Education Ideas Kids Learning Prevention Resources Weapons.

Damn milkman.

One in 25 men worldwide is not the biological father of a child he believes to be his.

Tags: Accident Deception Discovery Family Hers His Kids Mistakes Research Sex Spouse.

Sans crusts.

Invisible Crust, the ‘world’s first‘ crust-less bread, goes on sale in the U.K.

Tags: Business Change Culture Food Ideas Kids Products Research.

Slow down cowboy.

Ethiopian man with 77 children to give family planning advice.

Tags: Family Kids People Sex Spouse Survival.

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