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Iztapalapa hillside.

Archaeologists discover a 1500-year-old pyramid under a site used for re-enacting the crucifixion of Jesus.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Jesus.

Gospel of Judas.

Apocryphal manuscript to be published around Easter in which Jesus forgives Judas.

Tags: Books Celebrity Controversy History Jesus People Publishing Religion.

Color of the Cross.

Movie that will portray Jesus as a black man.

Tags: Change Culture History Jesus Movies Religion.

Burden of proof.

Italian judge orders priest to prove that Jesus Christ existed. (via)

Tags: Challenge History Jesus Legal People Religion.

Middle initial ‘H’.

New York man legally changes his name to Jesus Christ. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Jesus Legal People Religion.

Nacho jesus.

Image of Jesus discovered in nacho pan.

Tags: Cooking Food Jesus People Religion.

Divine recall #2.

Priest and parishioner drown during baptism.

Tags: Accident Death Jesus People Religion.

Divine recall #1.

Texas priest electrocuted during a baptismal ceremony. (via)

Tags: Accident Death Jesus People Religion.

Divine opportunity.

Image of Jesus on a perogi bought by, you guessed it, GoldenPalace.com.

Tags: Crazes Discovery Followup Food Jesus Marketing Religion.

Body of Christ.

Image of Jesus found on perogi now available on eBay.

Tags: Crazes Discovery Food Jesus Religion.

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