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Gene associated with cancer found to have major importance in immune system function. (via)

Tags: Cancer Discovery Genes Irony.

Workers comp.

Insurance underwriter wins lawsuit against her employer for tripping over a stack of claims forms. (via)

Tags: Insurance Irony Legal Money People.

Ebony and Irony.

Black man was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. (via)

Tags: Irony Organizations People Police.

Greenhouse gassers.

German scientists have discovered that plants contribute to global warming. (via)

Tags: Discovery Gas Global warming Irony Plants.

You asked for it.

Bank robber uses getaway car with vanity plates that say “FINDME.

Tags: Cars Caught Crime Getaway Irony People Robbery.

Herculean effort.

Olympic torch is too heavy for atheletes to carry. (via)

Tags: Design Games Irony Sports World.

Glitch in the matrix.

Software company offering anti-hacking network protection for its customers itself gets hacked. (via)

Tags: Computers Irony Security.

Naked Rambler.

Man defending charges of being naked in public shows up to court naked.

Tags: Clothing Culture Irony Legal People.


Woman being charged with theft steals camera that took her mugshot photo. (via)

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Irony People Theft.

Freedom fighters.

China shuts down blog after it was nominated for a ‘freedom of expression’ award.

Tags: Blog Culture Irony Nationality Politics Prevention Publishing Web.

The law won?

Man who fought to pass tougher laws for owners of dangerous dogs gets attacked by his own dog.

Tags: Animals Embarrassing Irony People Pets.

Suicide by cops.

Boston police kill man who was attempting to commit suicide. (via)

Tags: Death Irony People.


Swedish sperm donor ordered by court to pay child support.

Tags: Culture Divorce Family Irony Kids Legal Money People Sex.

All talk.

The poorly-designed Norwegian Sound and Braille Library ‘is less suited for the visually impaired’ than most other buildings.

Tags: Build Design Irony Mistakes Woopsie.

Slow poke.

British man sets the record for the slowest crossing of the Atlantic ever.

Tags: Ego Guinness Irony People Record breakers Sailing Water.

Stuck in gear.

Wannabe car-jacker that could only drive an automatic stalls out when stolen vehicle turns out to be a stick shift.

Tags: Busted Cars Caught Crime Getaway Irony Mistakes People Theft Woopsie.

Naked man.

Suspect pleading to a felony charge of public nudity strips out of his jumpsuit twice during the courtroom hearing. (via)

Tags: Crime Irony Legal People.


An alphabetized list of oxymorons. (via)

Tags: Humor Irony Language Web.


How to throw the best hurricane party (when it’s safe to do so)’. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Culture History How-to Irony Natural Disasters News.

One-legged bandit.

Man test-driving a prosthetic leg walks off without paying.

Tags: Artificial limb Crime Getaway Irony People Theft.

B minus fortune teller.

Psychic fails to predict that his crystal ball would catch fire and burn down his flat.

Tags: Accident Bizarre Fire Irony Magic People.

Male man.

Mail carrier bitten by barking man.

Tags: Bizarre Busted Irony People Prank.


Toothless man caught stealing toothbrushes.

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Embarrassing Health Hygiene Irony People Products Theft.

Art confusing life.

Album cover depicting a barcode being mistakenly scanned for real barcode at record stores. (via)

Tags: Art Discovery Entertainment Irony Mistakes Music.

There you are.

Wanted woman asks a cop for a ride home. (via)

Tags: Cars Caught Crime Irony Mistakes Wanted.

Say what?

Deaf Black Sabbath fan jailed for playing music too loud. (via)

Tags: Busted Entertainment Hard rock Irony Music.

Divine injection.

In an unusual twist of irony, a cobra snake dies after biting a priest.

Tags: Animals Irony Religion Unexplained.

Genius photographer.

Criminal mistakenly takes and leaves photo of himself at the crime scene.

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Irony Mistakes Photos Theft Woopsie.

Wassup now?

Wanted man trying to blend in ironically blows his cover with vanity plates. (via)

Tags: Busted Cars Caught Crime Irony Language Parole violation.

Straight outta the Hamptons.

‘Fight the power’ dream being realized by increasingly white majority at hip hop shows.

Tags: Culture Entertainment Hip Hop Irony Music.

Arrest me.

The man who is proud to be a prisoner.

Tags: Crime Irony Mistakes Prison Theft.

It works.

Drug test machine developers prove machine works by testing positive themselves with it at a live demo. (via)

Tags: Irony Technology.


Arson author charged with arson.

Tags: Crime Irony.

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