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Pulse electrothermal de-icing.

Technology that uses bursts of electricity to melt ice. (via)

Tags: Business Improvements Technology Water.


Flexible battery that is printed on paper.

Tags: Eco-friendly Energy Improvements Products.

UltraCell XX25.

Methanol fuel cell designed for the military that generates portable wireless power.

Tags: Energy Improvements Soldiers Technology.

Macromolecular weight.

Technique of making cancer drugs heavier allows them to impact deeper into tumors.

Tags: Cancer Disease Drugs Improvements.


Ventilated seats in cars improve passenger comfort and increase gas mileage.

Tags: Cars Gas Happiness Improvements Research.

Loremo LS.

Car that gets 157 miles per gallon. (via)

Tags: Cars Gas Improvements.

NDMX golf ball.

Golf ball that can correct its flight path in the air gets approval for use by the U.S. Golf Association.

Tags: Golf Improvements Nanotechnology Organizations Products.


All-weather outdoor LCD television. (via)

Tags: Improvements Products TV.

Gravitational microlensing.

New telescopic technique has lead to the discovery of an Earth-like planet.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Improvements Space.


New ion propulsion engine produces thrust rate of 130 miles per second.

Tags: Improvements Propulsion Space Travel.


Micro-filtered French press-style self-cleaning coffee machine. (via)

Tags: Coffee Improvements Products.


Gasoline pills that increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. (via)

Tags: Cars Eco-friendly Gas Improvements Products.

Scratch Guard Coat.

Nissan develops self-healing automotive paint. (via)

Tags: Cars Improvements Paint.


Batteries that are completely rechargable and recyclable. (via)

Tags: Eco-friendly Energy Improvements Products Recycling.

Hippo water roller.

Why carry water in a jug over your head when you can roll it on the ground?

Tags: Design Improvements Products Water.

Automatic smile detection system.

Next-generation digital cameras will be able to ‘track all the faces in a group photo and take the photo as soon as everyone smiles. (via)

Tags: Culture Gadgets Improvements Photos Technology.

World wide rewrite.

Magazine writer puts an intentionally error-laden article on Wikipedia and lets the community make corrections. (via)

Tags: Challenge Improvements Magazines Publishing Web World.

Adjustable hot sauce.

Hot sauce bottle containing one side with hot and one side with mild allows you to change the heat of the sauce by turning the cap.

Tags: Hot sauce Ideas Improvements Products.


A new Web service currently in alpha that lets you send emails with your voice. (via)

Tags: Change Email Improvements Technology Web.

Should exist.

A blog of stuff that people think should be made. (via)

Tags: Blog Design Ideas Improvements Web.

Vicks First Defence.

New nasal spray neutralizes cold viruses in an acidic gel and stops half of colds from infecting people.

Tags: Disease Health Improvements Products.


Using the principles of ‘fluid mechanics‘, a frustrated college engineer creates a beer tap design which improves keg yield by 30% and pours four times faster than a conventional tap. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Business Change Design Ideas Improvements People.

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