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Pat’s Weight Loss Shake.

Rev. Pat Robertson has developed an age-defying protein shake that allows him to leg press 2000 pounds. (via)

Tags: Diet Fitness Humor People Products Religion.

Never Waste Tree.

Bank issues credit card to a tree.

Tags: Business Culture Discovery Humor Mistakes Money Woopsie.

Mr. Floatie.

Canadian mascot fashioned as a piece of poo is running for mayor. UPDATE: The turd is backing out. (via)

Tags: Change Environmental Humor Organizations Politics Pollution Propaganda Protest Waste Water.

Free Juan!

Florida sheriff has wrongly accused a stuffed animal of ‘loitering’.

Tags: Animals Bogus Crime Humor Web.

His Imperial Majesty.

Joshua A Norton, Emperor of these United States and Protector of Mexico. (via)

Tags: Govern History Humor People.

The Lord’s name in vain.

Young boy to teacher: Why did Mary and Joseph name their baby after a swear word? (via)

Tags: Humor Kids Language Learning Organizations Religion Resources.

Hopkin green frog.

Have you seen a lost frog? (via)

Tags: Animals Humor Photos Web.

President of the Internet.

Anyone can run for President of the Internet. (via)

Tags: Challenge Ego Google Govern Humor Ideas Parody Politics Search Web.

How it should have ended.

Web site with animated alternate endings to movies. (via)

Tags: Art Culture Downloads Entertainment Humor Ideas Movies Star Wars Video Web.

HE = PI x C/T + BM.

Russian physicist has discovered a scientific formula for laughter. (via)

Tags: Humor Math People Physics.

CSI: Topeka.

Controversial Hallmark greeting card makes fun of a Kansas city. (via)

Tags: Controversy Culture Humor Products Propaganda Protest Publishing TV.

Please disperse.

People pointing at nothing. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Humor People Photos Web.


Investigator exposes a made-up word in the New Oxford English Dictionary. (via)

Tags: Bogus Books Humor Information Publishing Resources.

Niche market.

Giving the paperwork a little pizzazz: JustToiletPaper.com. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Humor Hygiene Online shopping Parody People Politics Products Web.

Maim that tune.

Counteract the tune that you have stuck in your head with an even catchier tune using the Maimograph Machine. (via)

Tags: Brain Culture Humor Music Resources Web.

The Work Blind.

Man creates a curtain for his work cubicle that makes it look like he is working. (via)

Tags: Culture Deception Escape Humor Ideas Make People Workplace.

Revised Miranda.

You have the right to swing first …

Tags: Humor Parody.


An alphabetized list of oxymorons. (via)

Tags: Humor Irony Language Web.

Pen Island.

Be careful that your domain name can’t be mispronounced. (via)

Tags: Culture Discovery Embarrassing Humor Lefthanded Web.

Pricelessly awful.

The ‘Chuck says, Rufus says, Kathy says‘ hilarity that was R. Kelly‘s live performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity Embarrassing Entertainment Humor Music People TV Video.

Poetic lysinse.

Pissed off artist reluctantly corrects her misspellings on murals she created for the Livermore public library in San Francisco. (via)

Tags: Accident Art Caught Change Discovery Education Ego Embarrassing Followup Humor Language Mistakes People Woopsie.

Don’t quit your day job.

Shot putter who missed world qualifier due to flight mix-up instead enters javelin qualifier and loses big time.

Tags: Challenge Contests Embarrassing Games Humor Mistakes People Sports Woopsie.


Charlie Murphy: ‘Chappelle’s Show is over‘.

Tags: Celebrity Entertainment Humor Parody People Politics TV.

Step away from the La-Z-Boy.

This just in: Men still hog the remote.

Tags: Culture Entertainment His Humor Research TV.

Take that.

Torture your boss. (via)

Tags: Boss Humor People Workplace.


If you like photos of people who shake their head really fast, then this site’s for you. (via)

Tags: Humor People Photos.

Each shall go out straight ahead.

Improve your golf game with balls inscribed with biblical quotes.

Tags: Golf Humor Religion Sports.

Not his balls.

New web site that exploits Tom Cruise‘s recent aberrations: TomCruiseIsNuts.com. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Humor Parody People Web.

Redneck Games X.

People were going, `There’s the bobbing-for-pigs-feet champion!‘”

Tags: Alcohol Animals Cars Challenge Contests Culture Food Games Humor NASCAR Redneck.


You can now document or read about all the crazy things you believed when you were a kid.

Tags: Humor Mistakes.

Gee you smell terrific.

A fabric softener sheet for your underwear.

Tags: Embarrassing Humor Ideas Products.

Piggly wiggly.

Shop owner calls friends first to laugh at botched theft attempt, then calls police.

Tags: Crime Fitness Food Humor Theft.

What’s your sign?

When credit fraud is funny, and a little scary. (via)

Tags: Humor Money Security.

Hee hee!

A whole mouthful of Michael Jackson jokes.

Tags: Celebrity Culture Entertainment Humor Legal Music News People Scandal.

Here, kitty kitty.

If you like to put stuff on your cat, this site is for you. (via)

Tags: Animals Blog Humor Pets Web.

Do the chickens have large talons?

Spelling Bee contestant slips in Napoleon Dynamite reference.

Tags: Contests Culture Entertainment Humor Movies.

Facing the facts.

You can’t make fun of a person’s face and expect to get away with it.

Tags: Crime Humor.

World Wide Dunce.

All sorts of Jennifer Wilbanks items to choose from.

Tags: Humor News People Products Scandal.


Be careful which potential employer you allow to access your background history.

Tags: Humor Mistakes.

Ron Burgundy.

A drinking game for all you fellow news junkies out there. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Humor News.

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