Category: How-to

Beef Jerky Factory Plus.

Kit to make beef jerky at home. (via)

Tags: Food How-to Make Products.


Do-it-yourself Lasik surgery kit. (via)

Tags: Eye How-to Surgery Vision.

Vega Jet.

2003 Volkwagen Jetta TDI converted to run on straight vegetable oil.

Tags: Cars Eco-friendly How-to.

The holy grail.

Beer battered, deep fried pepperoni pizza. (via)

Tags: Food How-to Recipes.

Parapsychology 101.

Indiana University to offer course in ghost hunting. (via)

Tags: Death Education How-to Unexplained.


How to make booze using Tang.

Tags: Alcohol How-to Make Products.

Goddess Pele’s kitchen.

How to cook with lava. (via)

Tags: Cooking Food How-to.


How to make your own air conditioning. (via)

Tags: How-to Make.

Sugar glass.

How to make fake glass. (via)

Tags: Bogus How-to Make Movies.

Cold beverage.

How to make shot glasses out of ice. (via)

Tags: Alcohol How-to Make.

Top gun.

How to build the best paper airplane in the world.

Tags: Airplanes How-to Make Too much free time.


Recipe database for making food that tastes like your favorite restaurant dishes. (via)

Tags: Culture Food How-to Search Web.

You may like them.

How to make green eggs and ham. (via)

Tags: Books Culture Food How-to Kids.

Power publishing.

How to write a novel in 100 days or less. (via)

Tags: Books How-to Publishing.

Egg MacGyver.

Hard boil an egg using two cells phones and a radio. (via)

Tags: Food How-to Phone.

Paper hat.

How to make a paper hat. (via)

Tags: How-to Make Resources.


How to throw the best hurricane party (when it’s safe to do so)’. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Culture History How-to Irony Natural Disasters News.

“Google quiz”.

Test your knowledge of searching Google. (via)

Tags: Challenge Geek Google How-to Learning Resources Search Web.

Practical urban weaponry.

How to make your own flamethrower. (via)

Tags: Fire How-to Make Weapons.

Fed up.

The guy who makes furniture out of Fedex boxes is now being told by Fedex to take down his site. (via)

Tags: Business Followup How-to Legal Make Products Recycling Resources Web.

Going down.

A neat elevator trick. (via)

Tags: Culture How-to.

Tough guy.

How to do various strong man stunts.

Tags: How-to Illusion Magic.

Bed Ex.

Creating furniture with packaging supplies. (via)

Tags: How-to Make Products Recycling Resources.

Modern Commandments.

A list of 10 things you can do to live longer. (via)

Tags: Fitness Health How-to Hygiene Money Security Smoking Survival.

Buzz off.

How to make a real fly-ing airplane. (via)

Tags: How-to.

Brewing brew.

Idea for rainy day(s): Make beer with my coffee maker. (via)

Tags: Alcohol How-to Ideas.

Tape wallet

A step-by-step guide on how to make a duct tape wallet.

Tags: How-to.

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