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GPS device will allow tourists to see the Berlin Wall.

Tags: Controversy GPS History.

No K8538.

Cuneiform tablet is deciphered and believed to be a Sumerian account of a meteor impact.

Tags: Astronomy Historical record History Meteor.

Au clair de la lune.

Recording of the earliest known sound is now online.

Tags: History Milestones Online Sound.

Graf Zeppelin.

Divers have discovered the wreckage of Germany’s only aircraft carrier from World War II. (via)

Tags: Discovery History War Warship Wreckage WWII.


British submarine from World War I discovered in deep water off the coast of Scotland. (via)

Tags: Discovery History Submarine War WWI.

Aaron Kosminski.

Polish barber that a detective of the day claims was Jack the Ripper.

Tags: Book Celebrity Crime Discovery History People Unsolved mysteries.

The Steri.

Historical graffiti discovered on the cell walls of an Italian prison used to jail and torture religious heretics during the Inquisition. (via)

Tags: Discovery History Prison Religion.


Archaeologists believe they have found the remains of a fabled city in India that once was a major trading port with the Roman Empire.

Tags: Archaeology City Discovery History Trade.

Cell Track-ID.

Technique that can amplify genetic information from single strands of DNA may prove that Jack the Ripper was a woman.

Tags: Celebrity DNA History People Technology Unexplained.

Lord Sandwich.

Ship deliberately sunk by the British during the Revolutionary War discovered off the coast of Rhode Island. (via)

Tags: Discovery History War.

Dear George.

Text of Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s letter to President Bush.

Tags: History Nationality.

Holy Grail.

Archaeologists have discovered remains of the Knights of Templar in a castle dating back to the Crusades. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History Religion War.

Trojan War hero.

Archaeologists have unearthed the palace of the Homeric warrior-king Ajax.

Tags: Archaeology Books History.

Epic find.

Ancient sarcophagus discovered in Cyprus containing color illustrations of Homer’s poems. (via)

Tags: Discovery History People.

Ararat anomaly.

Man who has been searching for Noah’s Ark for 13 years may be close to finding it. (via)

Tags: Celebrity History People Religion Sailing.

Bronze Age bully.

Archaeologists discover that a massive Mt. Vesuvius eruption buried towns and villages 2000 years before Pompeii.

Tags: Archaeology Geology History Natural Disasters Volcano.


Soviet Union ordered the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. (via)

Tags: Celebrity History Nationality People Secret.

Gospel of Judas.

Apocryphal manuscript to be published around Easter in which Jesus forgives Judas.

Tags: Books Celebrity Controversy History Jesus People Publishing Religion.


African Americans whose ancestors were Native American slaves are suing to become tribal citizens. (via)

Tags: History Legal Nationality People.


Ancient paintings may prove that China invented golf.

Tags: Golf History.

Color of the Cross.

Movie that will portray Jesus as a black man.

Tags: Change Culture History Jesus Movies Religion.

Achilles’ knee.

King Tut was felled by a sword injury to his knee. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Death History Pathology Weapons.


Western Union has discontinued its telegram service. (via)

Tags: Culture History.

Unidentified buried object.

Large unknown man-made metal object to be unearthed from a Georgia cemetery. (via)

Tags: Antiques Archaeology Discovery History Unexplained War.

Eternal City.

Plans discovered for Berlin to be rebuilt in the likeness of St. Peter’s Square after Hitler conquered the world. (via)

Tags: Build Celebrity History People Secret War.


Archaeologists have found a tomb under the Roman Forum that predates the founding of Rome.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History.

Niall of the Nine Hostages.

Irish king responsible for 3 million offspring worldwide. (via)

Tags: Govern History Kids Numbers People.

Ceremonial dental modification.

Tooth ethchings, called furrows, support theories that Vikings made visits to North America. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History Research.

Zheng He.

Chinese admiral may have discovered America in 1418. (via)

Tags: Controversy History Nationality People.

Kill ’em all.

Secret British documents reveal Churchill wanted Hitler to be electrocuted, Ghandi to be starved. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Death History People War.

Caenorhabditis elegans.

Worms that were experiments aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia were recovered alive from the wreckage. (via)

Tags: Discovery History Research Space Study Survival.

Burden of proof.

Italian judge orders priest to prove that Jesus Christ existed. (via)

Tags: Challenge History Jesus Legal People Religion.

Monkey business.

Stalin tried breeding apes with soldiers to create an invincible mutant Red Army. (via)

Tags: Animals Bizarre Discovery History People Soldiers.


Mesopotamian city shows evidence of being destroyed by ‘large scale organized warfare

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History War.

Dead zone.

Scientists dive into the Indian Ocean epicenter of last year’s tsunami and find it completely devoid of life.

Tags: Earthquake Environmental History Natural Disasters Water.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Animated history of the evolution of the modern English alphabet.

Tags: Evolution History Language.

Once New Amsterdam.

Subway dig in New York City unearths Pre-Revolutionary War fort. (via)

Tags: Discovery History Preservation War.

Rewriting history.

Alphabet found carved in stone dating from 10th century B.C.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History Language Paleontology.

Email time capsule.

Send an email to yourself and receive it years from now.

Tags: Email History Web.


Nazi racoons are on the loose in the German countryside.

Tags: Animals Annoying Disease Health History Pests Politics.

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