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Wonder Bar.

Chocolate bar that is specially-formulated to alleviate the symptoms of PMS. (via)

Tags: Candy Chocolate Hers PMS Products Wellness.

Slim Fit 20.

Pantyhose treated with caffeine micro capsules that increase the burning of fat and reduce cellulite and the “orange peel” effect. (via)

Tags: Clothing Hers Products Weight loss.

(S+C) x (B+F)/T = V.

Scientist has developed a mathematical formula for assessing the perfect posterior. (via)

Tags: Body Hers Math.

Buttocks worship.

Heart symbol associated with love traces its origins from the curves of the female posterior. (via)

Tags: Body Hers Relationships.

Oocyte cryopreservation.

Researchers have developed a procedure for women to freeze their eggs for later fertilization. (via)

Tags: Hers Kids Preservation Sex.


Thai man busted in Singapore for dealing drugs escapes caning by getting a sex change.

Tags: Busted Change Crime Drugs Hers His Legal People Sex.

Solarjo Power Purse.

Women’s purse that can recharge cell phones and iPods. (via)

Tags: Culture Energy Gadgets Hers Phone Products.

Water closet.

Brazilian city may require transvestite bathrooms.

Tags: Change Culture Hers His.

Spanish fly.

Nasal spray that makes women want to have sex. (via)

Tags: Hers Products Sex.


Left-handed women are more likely to get breast cancer. (via)

Tags: Disease Health Hers Lefthanded Research Study.

Feminist Initiative.

Swedish political party says it will abolish marriage if it gets into power. (via)

Tags: Hers People Politics Propaganda Spouse Weddings.

Damn milkman.

One in 25 men worldwide is not the biological father of a child he believes to be his.

Tags: Accident Deception Discovery Family Hers His Kids Mistakes Research Sex Spouse.


Make a wedding ring from your own bones. (via)

Tags: Hers His Ideas Make Products Spouse Weddings.

Miss Piggy.

A contest that is needing an image makeover.

Tags: Beauty pageant Contests Hers Language.

Miss con.

Brazil announces its 2005 prison pageant winner.

Tags: Beauty pageant Contests Hers Photos Prison.

Splitting hairs.

Guys: Going retro with your shaving gear may help to deter your woman from using your razor.

Tags: Health Hers His Hygiene Marketing.

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