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Drug being tested that allows PTSD victims the ability to edit memories of their traumatic events.

Tags: Controversy Drugs Happiness Memory PTSD Reconsolidation Wellness.

Wonder Bar.

Chocolate bar that is specially-formulated to alleviate the symptoms of PMS. (via)

Tags: Candy Chocolate Hers PMS Products Wellness.

Trigger Optics Headache Sunglasses.

Eyewear that claim to block the wave harmonics in light which are responsible for causing migraine headaches. (via)

Tags: Headaches Homeopathy Light Migraine Products Wellness.

Palmtop Feng Shui.

Motorola has patented a PDA device that measures postive and negative chi to give a property or room a Feng Shui rating.

Tags: Gadgets Technology Wellness.


Wristwatch that monitors body signals during sleep and wakes you when you’re most alert. (via)

Tags: Products Sleep Time Watches Wellness.

Poverty gene.

Scientists have discovered a hereditary gene that suppresses the natural desire for self-advancement. (via)

Tags: Culture Discovery Genes Wellness.


Drug approved by the FDA for treating chemotherapy-associated nausea contains a synthetic version of the active ingredient in marijuana. (via)

Tags: Drugs Health Wellness.

Precision Implantable Stimulator for Migraine.

Neurostimulation device designed to help migraine sufferers implanted into first patient.

Tags: Milestones Study Wellness.

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