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Airline for smokers to begin offering flights in March. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Smoking.

Nic Lite.

Water that contains nicotine is designed for smokers to drink in places where they aren’t allowed to smoke. (via)

Tags: Health Nicotine Products Smoking Water.


Cigarette has been invented that contains vitamins.

Tags: Health Products Smoking.

Offensive odors.

California declares secondhand smoke a toxic pollutant.

Tags: Health Milestones News Smoking Social responsibility.


Smoking cessation aid that is rubbed into the skin. (via)

Tags: Prevention Products Smoking.


Beer that contains nicotine and is designed to help smokers quit.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Health Ideas Prevention Products Smoking.

Bufo toxin.

Kids in Australia are getting high on frogs.

Tags: Animals Crazes Culture Deadly Drugs Kids Lefthanded Smoking.

Marketing ethics.

Chinese man who started smoking at age three fails to gain Guinness approval for a youngest smoker record.

Tags: Decline Ego Guinness People Smoking.

Smoker’s haven.

Quitting smoking would bring you misery, shortening your life.” (via)

Tags: Health Marketing Propaganda Smoking.

Gotta light?

Why there’s no smoking in the boy’s room.

Tags: Legal Smoking.

Modern Commandments.

A list of 10 things you can do to live longer. (via)

Tags: Fitness Health How-to Hygiene Money Security Smoking Survival.

Getting the monkey off of the monkey’s back.

Guess what happens when you give a chimp a cigarette?

Tags: Animals Bizarre Smoking.

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