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Paris Syndrome.

Phenomenon requiring pyschological treatment in which Japanese tourists suffer shock from shattered images of Paris after visiting the city for the first time.

Tags: Disease Health Mental.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder.

Clinical term for the mental disorder suffered by 16 million Americans that is known as road rage. (via)

Tags: Anger Cars Disease Disorder Driving Mental.


Compound in lab tests has successfully blocked Alzheimer’s disease.

Tags: Disease Health Mental Research.


Experimental surgery has left man ‘in a mental time warp where TV is always a new invention and Truman is forever president. (via)

Tags: Brain Health Mental People Research Surgery.

Prince Mongo.

Florida millionaire claims that he is 333 years old and is from the planet Zambodia. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Mental Money People.

Say what?

His protest banner read: ‘In Florida and EEUU No Obstruction in the Legal Process the Information Respect the Tourist‘.

Tags: Bizarre Caught Crime Health Mental Propaganda Protest.

Your bad.

Killer to sue psychiatric hospital for failing to properly diagnose and treat him.

Tags: Crime Health Legal Mental Murder People.

My own private Idaho.

It’s all fun and games until the cops throw powerful noisemaking devices through your window only to realize it was the wrong house they were raiding.

Tags: Health Mental Mistakes.

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