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Sleeping drug that is allowing patients to temporarily wake up from a permanent vegetative state. (via)

Tags: Brain Drugs Injury Unexplained.


Drug used to treat hypertension discovered to have antidote properties that reverse nerve cell death. (via)

Tags: Discovery Drugs Injury.


Bioadhesive developed that is derived from Vitamin E and sticks directly to wounds to better promote healing. (via)

Tags: Antibiotics Injury Skin.

Foreign accent syndrome.

American woman who suffered a stroke now has a British accent.

Tags: Bizarre Brain Injury Nationality People.

Half the man.

Russian man survives after cutting himself in half with circular saw. (via)

Tags: Health Injury Lucky Mistakes People Survival Woopsie.


Woman lifts car off person trapped underneath.

Tags: Bizarre Cars Injury Lucky People Rescue Survival Unexplained Wrecks.

Manic survivor.

Man climbs, and falls, from same building twice.

Tags: Bizarre Injury Lucky People Survival.

A case for hands-free.

The newest medical epidemic that’s likely to cause some major missed work issues in the future: cell phone elbow. (via)

Tags: Culture Health Injury People Phone Technology.

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