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Shower Shock.

Caffeinated soap. (via)

Tags: Coffee Hygiene Products.

Dr Fish.

Japanese spa where you dip your feet into water with fish that nibble away at the dead skin. (via)

Tags: Fish Hygiene Skin.

Painful roots.

Dental drill discovered dating back 9000 years predates the invention of anesthesia.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Hygiene.

Healthcare associated infections.

British Medical Association advises against doctors wearing neckties as they harbor germs which kill 5000 patients annually.

Tags: Clothing Hygiene Organizations Workplace.

Can you hear me now?

Super Soaker used to remove buildup from patient’s ear. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Hygiene Products Toys Water.

Niche market.

Giving the paperwork a little pizzazz: JustToiletPaper.com. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Humor Hygiene Online shopping Parody People Politics Products Web.

Potty U.

The World Toilet Organization is opening the world’s first toilet college.

Tags: Education Hygiene Learning Milestones World.


Toothless man caught stealing toothbrushes.

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Embarrassing Health Hygiene Irony People Products Theft.

Perfect sideburns.

Frustrated by trying to keep your sideburns even? Fret no more. (via)

Tags: His Hygiene Products Shaving.

Have you seen pee?

Not able to hold it any longer, state lawmakers are moving to halt the launch of trucker bombs.

Tags: Health Hygiene Legal.

Modern Commandments.

A list of 10 things you can do to live longer. (via)

Tags: Fitness Health How-to Hygiene Money Security Smoking Survival.

Splitting hairs.

Guys: Going retro with your shaving gear may help to deter your woman from using your razor.

Tags: Health Hers His Hygiene Marketing.

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