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Carbonated beverage that burns calories as you drink it. (via)

Tags: Beverages Fitness Products Weight loss.

Hydroxycitric acid.

Ingredient in a bottled-water product called Skinny Water that suppresses appetite and helps you lose weight. (via)

Tags: Diet Fitness Products Water Weight loss.

Pat’s Weight Loss Shake.

Rev. Pat Robertson has developed an age-defying protein shake that allows him to leg press 2000 pounds. (via)

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Online gym that allows customers to workout anywhere by offering streaming fitness videos on the internet. (via)

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Sport of running and juggling at the same time. (via)

Tags: Fitness Sports.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

Program designed to help school children lose weight by standing all day in the classroom. (via)

Tags: Fitness Health Kids Weight loss.

HP Photosmart R927.

Digital camera that ‘intelligently’ removes pixels making you look slimmer. (via)

Tags: Camera Crazes Culture Fitness Photos Weight loss.

Kilowatt Game Controller.

Exercise machine that sculpts your body while you play video games.

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Tags: Fitness Health Ideas Technology Video Games.

Earth shoes.

Shoes that help you build endurance and burn more calories. (via)

Tags: Fitness Footwear Health Products Weight loss.

I was running!

Man plans to make like Forrest Gump and run across the United States.

Tags: Challenge Culture Entertainment Fitness Ideas Movies People.

Play misty for me.

Give your bland diet a little pizzazz with Flavor Spray. (via)

Tags: Bacon Diet Fitness Food Health Ideas Products Weight loss.

Good to the last drop.

Burn calories by drinking carbonated tea. (via)

Tags: Business Diet Fitness Health Ideas Products Weight loss.

Tit for tat.

Short on cash? Drop some weight.

Tags: Fitness Money Research.

Piggly wiggly.

Shop owner calls friends first to laugh at botched theft attempt, then calls police.

Tags: Crime Fitness Food Humor Theft.

Sign of the times.

Schools in Minnesota to offer P.E. online.

Tags: Fitness Health Ideas Technology Web.

Eat at Gold’s.

Cornering the market.

Tags: Business Fitness Food Health Ideas Marketing.

Soda jerks.

This just in: The use of the word diet in a soft drink name does not mean that it will burn calories as you drink it.

Tags: Fitness Health Mistakes Products.

Just chew it.

Needing some extra boost for your workout? Pop some jelly beans.

Tags: Fitness Food Health Ideas Marketing Products.

Help-ing yourself.

Legal way to avoid going to court: being too fat.

Tags: Bizarre Crime Fitness Health Legal.

Modern Commandments.

A list of 10 things you can do to live longer. (via)

Tags: Fitness Health How-to Hygiene Money Security Smoking Survival.

Ripped fuel.

If you want to enhance your workout, you should consider getting on the juice.

Tags: Alcohol Bizarre Fitness Health Marketing.

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