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False advertising.

Artificial sweetener used in products like diet soda may cause weight gain.

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Size matters.

Wendy’s to remove the word ‘Biggie‘ from its menu. (via)

Tags: Business Diet Food Health Language Weight loss.

Power Pops.

Lollipops designed with natural ingredients that suppress hunger and boost energy to make you lose weight. (via)

Tags: Candy Diet Products Weight loss.

Hydroxycitric acid.

Ingredient in a bottled-water product called Skinny Water that suppresses appetite and helps you lose weight. (via)

Tags: Diet Fitness Products Water Weight loss.

Pat’s Weight Loss Shake.

Rev. Pat Robertson has developed an age-defying protein shake that allows him to leg press 2000 pounds. (via)

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Magdalenian Girl.

Woman whose 15,000 year old remains were previously mistaken for a girl had the earliest recorded case of impacted wisdom teeth.

Tags: Age Diet Discovery Mistakes People Teeth.


Diet pill that shows amazing results if taken for more than two years. (via)

Tags: Crazes Diet Drugs Weight loss.

Stampede beer.

Beer that is better for you because it is enhanced with vitamins.

Tags: Beer Diet Health Marketing Products.


Drug that increases dreaming during sleep with a side effect of weight loss. (via)

Tags: Diet Drugs Happiness Health Sleep Weight loss.

Intuitive eating.

Professor loses weight with his ‘no-diet’ diet.

Tags: Crazes Culture Diet Food People Propaganda Weight loss.


Biologically Appropriate Raw Food is being marketed as a healthier alternative to processed dog and cat foods.

Tags: Animals Diet Food Health Marketing Pests Products.

Cookie diet.

Pennsylvania man ‘ate six nutritious, filling, hunger-suppressing cookies a day’ and lost 120 pounds! (via)

Tags: Bizarre Crazes Diet Food Health People Weight loss.

Mud man.

Indian man who ‘indulges in more than three servings of mud on a daily basis’ is making his landowning neighbors mad.

Tags: Bizarre Diet People Preservation Prevention Protest.

Coffee buzz.

Study finds coffee to be more healthy than fruits and veggies. (via)

Tags: Coffee Diet Food Health Propaganda Study.

Play misty for me.

Give your bland diet a little pizzazz with Flavor Spray. (via)

Tags: Bacon Diet Fitness Food Health Ideas Products Weight loss.

Snake snacker.

Meet the man who eats a live snake everyday.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Diet Food Health Milestones People.

Good to the last drop.

Burn calories by drinking carbonated tea. (via)

Tags: Business Diet Fitness Health Ideas Products Weight loss.

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