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Drug being tested that allows PTSD victims the ability to edit memories of their traumatic events.

Tags: Controversy Drugs Happiness Memory PTSD Reconsolidation Wellness.

Free-electron laser.

Researchers have developed a laser beam that safely melts away human fat. (via)

Tags: Happiness Laser Weight loss.

Real Beer Baths.

Czech brewery offers baths in beer.

Tags: Beer Happiness.


Ventilated seats in cars improve passenger comfort and increase gas mileage.

Tags: Cars Gas Happiness Improvements Research.


Ring that massages a pressure point in the pinky on the left hand and helps stop snoring. (via)

Tags: Happiness Products Sleep Sound.


Drug that increases dreaming during sleep with a side effect of weight loss. (via)

Tags: Diet Drugs Happiness Health Sleep Weight loss.

Waterbeds for Cows.

Industrial-duty waterbeds reduce stress for cows and increase milk production. (via)

Tags: Animals Farming Food Happiness.


Saying the name “Fred”, a German name that means peace ruler, has curative powers. (via)

Tags: Happiness Health Language.

Psychotronic Wishing Machine.

Easy-to-use device that makes wishes come true simply by flipping a switch and waiting for the wish to come true. (via)

Tags: Happiness Magic Products.


Guys: ‘A personal assistant that keeps your girlfriend or wife happy by sending her flowers on your behalf, on a regular but semi-random basis‘. (via)

Tags: Culture Happiness His Relationships Resources Spouse Web.

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