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Carbon nanotubes are the new black.

Researchers create the darkest substance known to man.

Tags: Guinness Light.

Project Green Hands.

Foundation that will attempt to plant 700,000 trees next Tuesday.

Tags: Environmental Green Guinness Record breakers.


Scientists create the world’s smallest brush able to sweep nanodust.

Tags: Guinness Nanotechnology.

Severn Bore.

British surfer breaks world record by riding a wave for seven miles. (via)

Tags: Guinness People Record breakers Sports.

Ocean Dome.

World’s largest indoor beach. (via)

Tags: Entertainment Guinness Theme parks Water.

Hoth battle scene.

Brooklyn to be possible site of world’s largest snowball fight. (via)

Tags: Ego Guinness Record breakers.

Against the grain.

Woman to try and break record for sailing around the world against the wind.

Tags: Challenge Ego Guinness People Record breakers Sailing Too much free time.

Busy body.

Bosnian man that has married 162 times wants to marry another 100 before he dies.

Tags: Guinness Milestones People Relationships Spouse Weddings.

New moon.

Moon discovered orbiting Xena, the 10th planet in our solar system.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Guinness Milestones Space.

Slow poke.

British man sets the record for the slowest crossing of the Atlantic ever.

Tags: Ego Guinness Irony People Record breakers Sailing Water.

Ice man.

Brazilian man breaks his own record of being buried up to his neck in ice.

Tags: Ego Guinness People Record breakers Too much free time.

Marketing ethics.

Chinese man who started smoking at age three fails to gain Guinness approval for a youngest smoker record.

Tags: Decline Ego Guinness People Smoking.

Mr. Potato.

Sri Lankan man breaks record for longest time spent watching TV: almost 70 hours.

Tags: Ego Guinness Milestones People TV.

Egg man.

Man from Colorado sets record by standing 439 eggs on their end. (via)

Tags: Challenge Guinness Milestones People.

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