Category: Green

Green gasoline.

Researchers successfully convert plant cellulose into gasoline components.

Tags: Biomass Discovery Gas Green.

Cow Power.

Energy company to begin producing natural gas from animal waste. (via)

Tags: Animals Energy Gas Green Recycling.

Zero Emission Data Center.

Cooling system developed that allows heat from computer chips to be used for domestic heating.

Tags: Energy Global warming Green.

Masdar Headquarters.

Building designed to produce more energy than it consumes. (via)

Tags: Design Eco-friendly Energy Green.

Air car.

Automobile that runs on compressed air.

Tags: Cars Green.

Project Green Hands.

Foundation that will attempt to plant 700,000 trees next Tuesday.

Tags: Environmental Green Guinness Record breakers.

Emissions trading program.

Credit system being proposed where people and businesses pay for the carbon dioxide they produce.

Tags: CO2 Credit Environmental Global warming Green Ideas Politics Social responsibility.

BioHaven Wild Floating Islands.

Product derived from recycled materials is a man-made island that is designed to filter water pollution.

Tags: Eco-friendly Environmental Green Materials Pollution Products Recycling Water.

Boing boing.

Washington, D.C. is testing sidewalks that are created from recycled rubber tires.

Tags: Environmental Green Materials Recycling Urban planning.

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage.

Japanese plan to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by burying carbon dioxide emissions underground.

Tags: CO2 Environmental Global warming Green Kyoto Protocol Plan.

Road energy system.

Company is paving roads with technology that absorbs heat and converts it into usable energy. (via)

Tags: Business Eco-friendly Energy Green Roads Solar power Technology.

Holdfast Rubber Highway.

Project designed to ease urban traffic congestion is paving seldom used railway lines with roads made of recycled rubber tires. (via)

Tags: Green Project Railroad Recycling Traffic.

Princess Elisabeth Antarctic research station.

Scientific base to be built in Antarctica that will recycle everything and run entirely on renewable energy. (via)

Tags: biodome Eco-friendly Environmental Green Recycling Research.


Gas mixture of water broken down into an HHO atomic structure can power an automotive engine and return to pure water as a by-product. (via)

Tags: Eco-friendly Energy Environmental Gas Green Technology Water.

Eco Balls.

Detergent substitute that cleans laundry by activating water molecules to naturally lift dirt away from clothing. (via)

Tags: Eco-friendly Green Products.

Microbial fuel cells.

Scientists discover that the natural process of microbes breaking down wastewater can be converted into usable electricity. (via)

Tags: Discovery Eco-friendly Energy Green Recycling Waste Water.

E-V Sunny Bicycle.

Solar-powered bicycle. (via)

Tags: Energy Green Machines Sun.

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