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Zero Emission Data Center.

Cooling system developed that allows heat from computer chips to be used for domestic heating.

Tags: Energy Global warming Green.

Emissions trading program.

Credit system being proposed where people and businesses pay for the carbon dioxide they produce.

Tags: CO2 Credit Environmental Global warming Green Ideas Politics Social responsibility.

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage.

Japanese plan to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by burying carbon dioxide emissions underground.

Tags: CO2 Environmental Global warming Green Kyoto Protocol Plan.

Process for the Utilization of Ruminant Animal Methane Emissions.

Patent issued for device that captures bovine flatulence and turns it into nutritional biomass. (via)

Tags: Animals Gas Global warming Inventions Patent.


Iceberg the size of Martha’s Vineyard breaks off in Antarctica.

Tags: Discovery Global warming.

Sixth Extinction.

Earth is losing 50 species of life per day.

Tags: Death Environmental Global warming Life.


Theory of shading the Earth with mirrors to counter the effects of global warming. (via)

Tags: Global warming Ideas Survival.

Greenhouse effect.

Plant sweat is responsible for rising water levels worldwide.

Tags: Environmental Global warming Plants Water.


Scientists have engineered an enzyme in plants to remove carbon dioxide more quickly from the atmosphere.

Tags: Bioengineering Genes Global warming Plants.

Algae-to-oil race.

Algae used to reduce smokestack emissions has a byproduct of 15,000 gallons of biodiesel per acre. (via)

Tags: Business Eco-friendly Energy Environmental Gas Global warming Technology.

Greenhouse gassers.

German scientists have discovered that plants contribute to global warming. (via)

Tags: Discovery Gas Global warming Irony Plants.

Pacific Decadal Oscillation.

Ocean temperature off Southern California coast is highest in 1400 years.

Tags: Global warming Water.

Carbon sequestration technology.

Scientist invents fake trees to help rid the air of carbon dioxide. (via)

Tags: Environmental Global warming Ideas Make People.

Universal problem.

Global warming is happening on Mars. (via)

Tags: Global warming.

Too late?

Scientists fear the Arctic may have crossed into an irreversible phase of warming which will accelerate the loss of the polar sea ice from which the climate may never recover. (via)

Tags: Armageddon Environmental Global warming.

Getting to the bottom.

Scientists in California studying how much gas cows really emit.

Tags: Animals Environmental Global warming Health Pollution Research Science.

I’m melting.

Interesting remedy for glacial preservation.

Tags: Global warming Ideas Preservation Survival.

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