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Green gasoline.

Researchers successfully convert plant cellulose into gasoline components.

Tags: Biomass Discovery Gas Green.

Cow Power.

Energy company to begin producing natural gas from animal waste. (via)

Tags: Animals Energy Gas Green Recycling.

Lyman alpha blobs.

Astronomers discover a massive object containing galaxies and gas bubbles that is 200 million light-years wide.

Tags: Astronomy Big Bang Discovery Gas Space Universe.


Technology that separates water and oil emulsions will be licensed to help increase current petroleum yields. (via)

Tags: Gas Licensing Nanotechnology Oil industry Petroleum Technology Water.


Gas mixture of water broken down into an HHO atomic structure can power an automotive engine and return to pure water as a by-product. (via)

Tags: Eco-friendly Energy Environmental Gas Green Technology Water.

A galaxy far, far away.

Astronomers discover molecular hydrogen 12.3 billion light-years away. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Gas Milestones Physics.

Process for the Utilization of Ruminant Animal Methane Emissions.

Patent issued for device that captures bovine flatulence and turns it into nutritional biomass. (via)

Tags: Animals Gas Global warming Inventions Patent.

United States Patent 6,055,910.

Fart-powered rocket launcher. (via)

Tags: Gas Patent Toys.


General Motors uses the gas produced from rotting garbage in landfills to power seven of its plants. (via)

Tags: Business Gas Recycling.


Researchers have powered a helicopter engine with coal-based jet fuel.

Tags: Airplanes Gas Oil Research.

Z Machine.

Scientists have produced superheated gas exceeding temperatures of 2 billion degrees Kelvin.

Tags: Gas Machines Record breakers.

No bull.

Japanese scientists extract gasoline from cow dung.

Tags: Animals Gas Waste.


Ventilated seats in cars improve passenger comfort and increase gas mileage.

Tags: Cars Gas Happiness Improvements Research.

Loremo LS.

Car that gets 157 miles per gallon. (via)

Tags: Cars Gas Improvements.

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Algae strain is being engineered to produce all of the world’s hydrogen needs.

Tags: Bioengineering Gas Plants.

Cellulosic ethanol.

Usuable energy produced cheaply and easily from farm waste digested in termite guts.

Tags: Bugs Eco-friendly Energy Gas Recycling.

Methane hydrates.

Scientists discover frozen methane gas deposits on ocean floor.

Tags: Discovery Energy Gas Resources.

Kicking the oil habit.

Iceland is moving permanently away from gasoline for its fuel needs. (via)

Tags: Change Energy Gas Nationality Social responsibility.

Algae-to-oil race.

Algae used to reduce smokestack emissions has a byproduct of 15,000 gallons of biodiesel per acre. (via)

Tags: Business Eco-friendly Energy Environmental Gas Global warming Technology.

Greenhouse gassers.

German scientists have discovered that plants contribute to global warming. (via)

Tags: Discovery Gas Global warming Irony Plants.

Event horizon.

Scientists have located the theoretical border of a Black Hole from beyond which not even light can escape.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Gas Information Space.


Willie Nelson has his own line of alternative diesel fuel. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Eco-friendly Environmental Gas People Plants.

Leftovers to Lights.

California utility considering using food waste from restaurants to produce methane gas. (via)

Tags: Energy Gas Ideas Recycling Resources Waste.


Gasoline pills that increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. (via)

Tags: Cars Eco-friendly Gas Improvements Products.

Non-renewable resource.

Kuwait’s largest oil field is beginning to run dry. (via)

Tags: Decline Discovery Energy Gas Resources.

Ooooh that smell.

DC officials unable to identify the source of the mysterious stench that smelled up the Northeast side of town ‘like skunk, rotten eggs and sulfur’ combined. (via)

Tags: Gas Smell Unexplained.

Buyer’s reward.

Mitsubishi says customers who buy a 2005 model year vehicle will get free gas for a year.

Tags: Cars Gas Ideas Marketing.


Inventor turns dead cats into diesel. (via)

Tags: Animals Bizarre Cars Gas Ideas Pets.

The old days.

Antique gas station pumps in Vermont unable to display gas prices at $2.99 and higher are forced to shut down.

Tags: Antiques Business Change Gas Money.

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