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Walkie Talkie Watches.

Voice-activated private mobile radio watch. (via)

Tags: Future Gadgets Products Technology.

Palmtop Feng Shui.

Motorola has patented a PDA device that measures postive and negative chi to give a property or room a Feng Shui rating.

Tags: Gadgets Technology Wellness.


Tracking system that uses radio-frequency technology allows you to locate lost golf balls. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Golf Products Technology.


Handheld device that uses GPS technology to identify what celestial body you are pointing at. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Gadgets Products Space Technology.

Mosquito Repeller Necklace.

Necklace that transmits a sonic frequency that repels mosquitoes. (via)

Tags: Bugs Gadgets Pests.

Forearm Forklift.

Lifting strap system ergonomically designed for moving furniture and appliances.

Tags: Design Gadgets Tools.

Emotional social intelligence prosthetic device.

Device designed to help the autistic determine if they are boring the person they are communicating with.

Tags: Gadgets Research Technology.

Floating LCD Clock and Shuttle.

Alarm clock controlled by magnets that floats in mid-air. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Online shopping.

Laser Scaling and Measurement Device for Photographic Images.

Measuring device created to monitor Space Shuttle damage is now being used in crime scene investigations.

Tags: Crime Gadgets Photos Space Technology.

Electronic olfactory system.

Scientists are developing a smelling device that would detect diseases from human breath.

Tags: Disease Gadgets HIV Smell Virus.

Sonic Teenager Deterrent.

Device that deters teens from loitering by emitting noises which only young ears can detect.

Tags: Annoying Gadgets Prevention Sound.

Radar Scope.

Handheld military device that can sense movement through 12 inches of concrete. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Security Soldiers Technology.

Water powered clock.

Alarm clock that is completely powered by water. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Water.

Solarjo Power Purse.

Women’s purse that can recharge cell phones and iPods. (via)

Tags: Culture Energy Gadgets Hers Phone Products.


Scientists have built a device that can detect gravitational waves. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Instruments Physics.

Alien zapper.

Object initially mistaken for a bomb was in fact a device that was ‘supposed to set off vibrations that would keep aliens away. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Bogus Discovery Gadgets Mistakes UFO.

Automatic smile detection system.

Next-generation digital cameras will be able to ‘track all the faces in a group photo and take the photo as soon as everyone smiles. (via)

Tags: Culture Gadgets Improvements Photos Technology.

Ion exchange membrane.

Japanese machine ages new wine in 15 seconds. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Gadgets Make.

Buttkicker Gamer.

Physical feedback device that shakes your seat during video game play. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Games Products Video Games.

Cruise control.

Cars that will automatically issue a ticket every time the vehicle exceeds the speed limit. (via)

Tags: Big brother Busted Cars Caught Gadgets Prevention Technology.

Bat rope.

British scientists have invented a high-speed rope that allows climbing of high buildings or cliffs at more than 10 feet a second. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Resources Soldiers Special Ops Technology.


Computers will be able to out-think the entire world population put together within the next 60 years.” (via)

Tags: Gadgets Learning People Phone Robots Technology World.


Researchers have developed a backpack that turns the up-and-down motion caused by walking into electricity that can power an MP3 player, PDA, or charge a cell phone.

Tags: Energy Gadgets Ideas Phone Technology.


Robot that works as a house sitter and recognizes 10,000 words to go on sale in Japan.

Tags: Gadgets Technology.

Come on.

Boy inventor given a grade of C for inventing a hamster-powered cell phone charger.

Tags: Animals Education Gadgets Ideas Make People Pets Phone.

q W E R t y.

Introducing: the flexible Super Kool Keyboard. (via)

Tags: Gadgets Ideas Products Technology.

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