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Hole quantum wire.

Researchers have created a wire that lines up electrons in single file and passes electric current in the holes between them. (via)

Tags: Electronics Future Magnetics Nanotechnology Spintronics Technology.

Plasma magnet.

Device that will create a plasma cloud around spacecraft and shield astronauts from cosmic rays.

Tags: Future Research Space Technology Travel.

Neuromotor prosthesis.

Computer that detects brain signals allows paralysis victims to control actions with their mind. (via)

Tags: Brain Computer Future Mind control Paralysis Technology.

Smell this.

Engineers are creating a device that can record smells and play them back.

Tags: Future Scents Smells Technology.

Walkie Talkie Watches.

Voice-activated private mobile radio watch. (via)

Tags: Future Gadgets Products Technology.

Embedded and Communicating Agents.

Technology that allows robots to evolve their own language and communicate with other robots. (via)

Tags: Communication Future Robots Technology.

Meat sheets.

Researchers are mass producing layers of animal muscle cells in an effort to grow meat for human consumption. (via)

Tags: Animals Food Future Mass production Meat.

Low-density amorphous ice.

Research on a form of water supports the idea that living cells could survive cryopreservation and be reanimated. (via)

Tags: Future Life Preservation Research Survival Water.


Scientists have created a molecule that prevents cells from aging.

Tags: Age Bioengineering Future Research.

Unique Signature Detection Project.

DARPA-funded project that aims to develop technology for soldiers to identify high-level-of-interest persons by chemosignals emanating from body scent. (via)

Tags: Future Military Project Research Smell Soldiers Technology War.


Floating robots that maneuver around the International Space Station using compressed CO2 thrusters. (via)

Tags: Future ISS Robots Space Technology.


Researchers have developed materials that can bend radio waves and light in any direction and allow objects to appear invisible.

Tags: Future Light Materials Nanotechnology Technology Vision.

Brain Machine Interface.

Technology has been developed that allows humans to control robots with their brains. (via)

Tags: Brain Future Robots Technology.


Idea that future Moon missions would be well-supplied with water resources by dumping payloads of ice on the moon now.

Tags: Future Ideas Moon Resources Space Water.


Research project that plans to evolve randomly-generated software beings capable of developing their own society. (via)

Tags: Future Research Robots Technology.

Mach-Lorentz thrusters.

Engine that produces gravinertial propulsion by changing the mass of an object and applying a current to it. (via)

Tags: Engine Future Physics Propulsion.

Brain Port.

Device that allows a user to process sonar information with their tongue.

Tags: Brain Future Technology.

Mazda RX-9.

Concept car exhibiting some new technologies including an exterior skin that captures static electricity and channels it back to the batteries.

Tags: Cars Future Technology.

Electrochromic polymer films.

Clothing that can blend into any background at the flip of a switch.

Tags: Clothing Future.


Concept truck designed to serve as both a vehicle and residence. (via)

Tags: Cars Design Future.


California company is fusing computing with biology in a process they call virtual cell biology to one day create real life dragons. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Computers Future Pets.

NACHIP project.

Researchers have created an interface between neurons and silicon chips.

Tags: Future Research Technology.

Subvocal speech recognition.

Technology that detects electric speech currents sent from the brain and turns these unspoken words into text. (via)

Tags: Future Language Sound Technology.

Uninhabited air vehicles.

Prototype airplane that is unpiloted and changes direction by ‘blowing air from the trailing edge of the wing’.

Tags: Airplanes Future Research.

The end.

Frozen French couple are forced to be cremated after their cryongenic freezer brakes.

Tags: Death Future Legal People.

Mental typewriter.

Technology that allows users to move the cursor on a computer screen and type sentences with their brain. (via)

Tags: Brain Future Technology User.

Atmospheric Water Generator.

Machine designed to create water from moisture in the atmosphere. (via)

Tags: Future Machines Water.

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