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Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum.

Statue erected to commemorate the 50th anniversary of instant ramen noodles.

Tags: Anniversary Food Museum.

False advertising.

Artificial sweetener used in products like diet soda may cause weight gain.

Tags: Diet Food Health.

Free tacos.

Taco Bell to give a free taco to everyone in the US for each World Series home run that hits a left field target tonight.

Tags: Baseball Food Marketing Sports.

Prop 4.

Bond proposal that is being campaigned on the messages inside of fortune cookies.

Tags: Food Politics Propaganda.


CBS will advertise TV shows for its fall lineup on the shells of eggs.

Tags: Eggs Food Ideas Marketing Technology TV.

Meat sheets.

Researchers are mass producing layers of animal muscle cells in an effort to grow meat for human consumption. (via)

Tags: Animals Food Future Mass production Meat.

Size matters.

Wendy’s to remove the word ‘Biggie‘ from its menu. (via)

Tags: Business Diet Food Health Language Weight loss.

Parthenocarpic figs.

Scientists discover 11,400 year-old seedless figs that may be the first crop to be domesticated by man. (via)

Tags: Agriculture Archaeology Discovery Food.

Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

Biologists sequence the DNA of a common bacteria and discover that it may have evolved to the point where it can only survive in yogurt.

Tags: Bacteria Discovery DNA Evolution Food.

Nutritional competence.

Scientists discover that bacteria eat DNA.

Tags: Bacteria Discovery DNA Food Research.


Lithuanian pizza chain wants to trademark the scent of pizza.

Tags: Bizarre Food Smell.

Ventria Bioscience.

Company has developed a drug to combat diarrhea by growing rice engineered with human protein.

Tags: Bioengineering Business Controversy Drugs Food Genes Health.

Beef Jerky Factory Plus.

Kit to make beef jerky at home. (via)

Tags: Food How-to Make Products.

Watermelon snow.

Pink snow falling in the mountains of Colorado tastes like watermelon. (via)

Tags: Food Snow Taste.

Cheese wizards.

Wisconsin company develops technology that converts cheese waste into ethanol. (via)

Tags: Food Products Technology Waste.

Give peas a chance.

British woman‘s worst fear in life is coming across a bag of frozen peas.

Tags: Bizarre Fear Food.

One day grace.

U.S. Bishops are allowing Catholics to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and eat corned beef on a Friday during Lent.

Tags: Food Forgiven Religion.


Active ingredient found in jalapeños causes prostate cancer cells to die.

Tags: Cancer Food Research.

Baseball’s Best Burger.

Baseball stadium to offer double bacon cheeseburger served between a Krispy Kreme doughnut. (via)

Tags: Bacon Baseball Entertainment Food.

Mormon crickets.

Insects that organize into a massive cannibalistic swarm when deprived of food. (via)

Tags: Bugs Death Food.


Bottled water that is distilled from fruit. (via)

Tags: Food Products Water.

The holy grail.

Beer battered, deep fried pepperoni pizza. (via)

Tags: Food How-to Recipes.

To serve man.

Man who has lived off roadkill for 30 years is authoring a cookbook. (via)

Tags: Animals Books Food People.

Waterbeds for Cows.

Industrial-duty waterbeds reduce stress for cows and increase milk production. (via)

Tags: Animals Farming Food Happiness.

Dactylopius coccus costa.

Insect that is ground up and used as red dye in food and cosmetics.

Tags: Bugs Food Products.


Environmental movement demonstrates how people can feed themselves for free by rescuing food thrown away by others. (via)

Tags: Environmental Food Prevention Recycling Waste.


People who live for years without food or water and claim to get their nutrition from cosmic energy. (via)

Tags: Food People Survival Water.

Yellow fever.

Woman killed by a falling banana.

Tags: Bizarre Death Food People.

Scent on a stick.

Corn dog air freshener. (via)

Tags: Food Products Smell.


Dog treat launcher.

Tags: Animals Food Pets Toys.

Lactococcus lactis.

Scientists have modified yogurt bacteria to release a drug that blocks the HIV virus.

Tags: Bioengineering Disease Food.

Goddess Pele’s kitchen.

How to cook with lava. (via)

Tags: Cooking Food How-to.

Winds of change.

Texas grocery chain to use wind energy to power all of its electrical needs.

Tags: Business Change Eco-friendly Energy Food.

Tandem running.

Ants learn how to find food by being taught by other ants.

Tags: Bugs Food Learning Survival.

Dans Le Noir.

London restaurant where blind waiters serve guests who eat in complete darkness.

Tags: Bizarre Business Food.

Airport Pizza.

Alaskan pizza shop delivers orders to remote regions by plane. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Business Food Ideas.

Food for thought.

Bacon snack bars. (via)

Tags: Bacon Food Recipes.

Nacho jesus.

Image of Jesus discovered in nacho pan.

Tags: Cooking Food Jesus People Religion.

Cooking by numbers.

Website that generates recipes for the food you have in your fridge and cupboards.

Tags: Cooking Food Resources Web.


One of the hottest new sports around: peanut balancing. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Challenge Food Sports.

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