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North American mosquito fish.

Scientists discover that a fish can count up to the number four.

Tags: Discovery Fish Math.


South American fish with human-like teeth is caught in a Texas lake. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Discovery Fish Teeth.

Fish awareness.

Veternarian’s association discovers that goldfish have feelings and ‘pine for their owners when they are away. (via)

Tags: Discovery Fish.

Dr Fish.

Japanese spa where you dip your feet into water with fish that nibble away at the dead skin. (via)

Tags: Fish Hygiene Skin.

Channallabes apus.

Catfish discovered that can hunt for its food on land.

Tags: Discovery Evolution Fish.

Crucian carp.

Scientists discover fish that can live for months without oxygen.

Tags: Discovery Fish.

Tiktaalik roseae.

Fossil remains of a crocodile-like fish discovered that may be the missing link explaining how life transitioned from water to land.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Evolution Fish Life Milestones Paleontology.

Kiwi hirsuta.

Divers discover a new species of crustacean with blonde hair.

Tags: Discovery Fish.

Low intensity laser beams.

Hong Kong company offers tatoos for pet fish. (via)

Tags: Business Fish Laser Pets Tattoo.


Organic compound found in grapes that has demonstrated remarkable anti-aging properties.

Tags: Age Fish Health Research.


Scientists have turned fish sperm cells into eggs.

Tags: Change Fish Sex.


Poisoned microcapsules have been developed to eradicate the zebra mussel.

Tags: Accident Environmental Fish Money Pests Water.


Mysterious creature discovered in Malaysia has the pincers and legs of a crab and the head and tail of a prawn. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Fish.


Scientists discover world’s smallest fish. (via)

Tags: Discovery Fish Measure.


Rare whale vomit discovered on Australian beach is worth over $1 million.

Tags: Discovery Fish Money.


Ingredient found in suntan oil is making male fish turn female. (via)

Tags: Change Discovery Fish Products Sex.


New species of venomous fish discovered off South Africa. (via)

Tags: Discovery Fish.

Northern right whale.

Two endangered whales spotted in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tags: Fish Preservation.


Human ears evolved from fish gills.

Tags: Evolution Fish Research.

Rhincodon typus.

Whale sharks, the world’s biggest fish, are shrinking. (via)

Tags: Fish Research Sharks Weight loss.

Latimira chalumnae.

400 million year-old species of fish, called a coelacanth, is in danger of finally going extinct. (via)

Tags: Discovery Fish Survival.

Got fin?

British woman marries a dolphin.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Fish People Weddings.


Scientists have taught dolphins to sing the Batman theme. (via)

Tags: Entertainment Evolution Fish Learning Milestones Movies Music TV.


Unidentified two-ton creature washes ashore after typhoon in China. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Fish Unexplained.

Big gulp.

Unfortunate story of the boy and the fish who choked him to death.

Tags: Accident Bizarre Death Fish.

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