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Fire fueld by anthracite coal has been burning underneath a Pennsylvania mining town since 1962. (via)

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Danger mouse.

Mouse burns down New Mexico house. UPDATE: Not true.

Tags: Animals Fire Woopsie.

It’s just fog.

Fire destroys historic replica that was initially disregarded by a 911 operator as ‘fog’. (via)

Tags: Fire Mistakes Phone Woopsie Workplace.

College try.

MIT students recreate ArchimedesDeath Ray and successfully burn a hole in a ship. (via)

Tags: Build Challenge Education Fire History Make People Research Sailing Study.

Honey, I burnt down the house.

German woman trying to kill spiders with fire accidentally burns down her house instead.

Tags: Accident Escape Family Fire Lucky Mistakes People Pests Woopsie.

Practical urban weaponry.

How to make your own flamethrower. (via)

Tags: Fire How-to Make Weapons.

B minus fortune teller.

Psychic fails to predict that his crystal ball would catch fire and burn down his flat.

Tags: Accident Bizarre Fire Irony Magic People.

Lifesaver and the Jerk.

Pet owner teaches dog to dial 911.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Caught Crime Escape Fear Fire Ideas Mistakes Movies People Pets Phone Prank Security Survival.


Dog with a talent for emulating ‘emergency vehiclessaves house from fire.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Entertainment Fire Movies Pets Prevention Survival.

This is only a drill.

Man saved from ‘controlled‘ fire drill.

Tags: Fire Lucky Mistakes Rescue Survival Woopsie.

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