Category: Fear

Give peas a chance.

British woman‘s worst fear in life is coming across a bag of frozen peas.

Tags: Bizarre Fear Food.

Personal car communicator .

System that alerts drivers if there is someone hiding in the back seat of their car. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Cars Culture Fear Ideas Security Technology.

Sound psychology.

Web site that is hunting for the worst sound in the world. (via)

Tags: Annoying Culture Fear Research Sound Study User Web World.

Yo ho ho.

Cruise liner attacked by pirates.

Tags: Fear Sailing War.

Ghost man.

Emaciated Indian man has spent his life roaming villages ‘scaring the daylights out of people. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Costumes Entertainment Fear Jobs Money People.

No ghosts allowed.

Indian brothers fined for keeping a pet ghost and bringing evil to their village.

Tags: Bizarre Culture Fear Money People Punishment Unexplained.

Brain matter.

Researchers have identified where fear and pain become permanently etched in the brain. (via)

Tags: Discovery Fear Physiology Research Study.

The howling.

Mysterious, unidentified scream recorded in Ohio. (via)

Tags: Fear Unexplained.

Not armed or dangerous.

Radio station stunt that had three listeners dress like escaped inmates trying to hitch a ride backfired when dozens of ‘terrified’ motorists called 911.

Tags: Bogus Contests Fear Marketing Mistakes Parody Prank Prison Woopsie.

Game over.

Man tests his video game skills and tries to outrun cops in real life. (via)

Tags: Cars Caught Chase Crime Drugs Fear Parole violation People Video Games Wanted Woopsie.

Lifesaver and the Jerk.

Pet owner teaches dog to dial 911.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Caught Crime Escape Fear Fire Ideas Mistakes Movies People Pets Phone Prank Security Survival.

City of the Apes.

Monkeys are taking over San Juan, Puerto Rico. (via)

Tags: Animals Fear Invasion Preservation Prevention Security Survival.


One of the most misunderstood conventions of our time: tipping. (via)

Tags: Culture Embarrassing Fear Food Mistakes Money People.


The 10 animals you don’t want to meet up close and personal. (via)

Tags: Animals Deadly Fear Sharks Survival.

Negative reinforcement.

The 1-step alcohol-invervention program that’s bound to have a high rate of success.

Tags: Alcohol Fear Prevention.


If you fear names, then the phobia list is not for you.

Tags: Disease Fear Unexplained.

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