Category: Farming

Hail cannons.

Shock wave generators that protect a farmer’s crop by disrupting hail formation in the sky may also be preventing the entire town from receiving rain. (via)

Tags: Agriculture Controversy Crops Farming People Technology Weather Weather modification.

Waterbeds for Cows.

Industrial-duty waterbeds reduce stress for cows and increase milk production. (via)

Tags: Animals Farming Food Happiness.

Coffee famine.

Worldwide coffee shortage predicted for 2007. (via)

Tags: Coffee Farming World.

Farmers only.

Dating web site for farmers seeking farmers. (via)

Tags: Farming Relationships Web.

Banana apocalypse now.

The most popular variety of banana, the Cavendish, is on the verge of extinction. (via)

Tags: Farming Food.

“R” Pizza Farm.

Truly organic pizza is grown daily at a ‘pizza farm. (via)

Tags: Animals Business Farming Food Ideas.

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