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Bubalus cebuensis.

Scientists have identified a new species of dwarf buffalo.

Tags: Animals Evolution Extinct Fossil.

Homologous recombination.

Scientists discover that plants pass on stressful memories to their offspring. (via)

Tags: Discovery DNA Evolution Genes Plants Survival.

Neanderthal genome project.

Research project that will sequence the DNA of neanderthal in an attempt to clarify their relationship with modern-day humans. (via)

Tags: DNA Evolution Humans Neanderthal Research.

Mu-opioid receptors.

Pleasure receptors concentrated in an area of the brain involved with comprehension may be an evolutionary reward mechanism for learning new concepts. (via)

Tags: Brain Concepts Discovery Evolution Learning.

Gansus yumenensis.

Webbed-foot bird discovered that lived 115 million year ago may show that birds likely evolved from aquatic ancestors. (via)

Tags: Animals Birds Discovery Evolution Fossil Fossil record.

Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

Biologists sequence the DNA of a common bacteria and discover that it may have evolved to the point where it can only survive in yogurt.

Tags: Bacteria Discovery DNA Evolution Food.

Topological contour configurations.

Alphabets have been shaped by the contours that man sees in nature.

Tags: Culture Design Evolution Language.

Najash rionegrina.

Snake fossil discovered having two legs may prove that they evolved on land rather than at sea.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Evolution.

Channallabes apus.

Catfish discovered that can hunt for its food on land.

Tags: Discovery Evolution Fish.

Tiktaalik roseae.

Fossil remains of a crocodile-like fish discovered that may be the missing link explaining how life transitioned from water to land.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Evolution Fish Life Milestones Paleontology.

Maize insect resistance cysteine protease.

Corn enzyme that protects the plants from herbivores by disrupting their attackers’ ability to digest food. (via)

Tags: Evolution Plants Research Survival.

Mutational deterministic hypothesis.

Sex has evolved as a population cleansing mechanism by concentrating harmful gene mutations into individuals that will eventually be thinned from the herd. (via)

Tags: Evolution Genes Preservation Sex Spouse Survival.

Unertan syndrome.

Genetic defect in which the afflicted patient loses speech and crawls on on all fours. (pdf) (html) (via)

Tags: Discovery Evolution Unexplained.

Bufo marinus.

Cane toads are taking over Australia.

Tags: Animals Environmental Evolution Pests.

Guanlong wucaii.

Dinosaur that gave rise to the Tyrannosaurus Rex discovered in China.

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Tags: Archaeology Dinosaurs Discovery Evolution Prehistoric.

Neural crest cells.

Electrosensory system that allows sharks to navigate evolved into the sensory system that enables humans to balance.

Tags: Animals Discovery Evolution People Prehistoric Sharks.

Lateral gene transfer.

Biologists discover that a toxin shared between spider venom and a bacterium is the result of an unknown evolutionary exchange.

Tags: Bugs Discovery Evolution Genes Research Unexplained.


Biologists have forced evolution on a species of worm by making them turn black or green based on temperature.

Tags: Evolution Research Science.


Human ears evolved from fish gills.

Tags: Evolution Fish Research.

Race gene.

DNA mutation discovered that produces white skin color. (via)

Tags: Discovery DNA Evolution Research.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Animated history of the evolution of the modern English alphabet.

Tags: Evolution History Language.


Japanese researchers discover ‘half-animal, half-plant’ microbe.

Tags: Discovery Evolution Research.


Scientists have taught dolphins to sing the Batman theme. (via)

Tags: Entertainment Evolution Fish Learning Milestones Movies Music TV.

Planet of the Man.

Apes spotted in the wild using tools for the first time in recorded history. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Evolution Milestones Photos Tools.

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