Category: Escape

Bubo bubo.

Eagle owl that preys on house pets and has a five-foot wing span has escaped from captivity in Scotland. (via)

Tags: Animals Deadly Escape.

Deja vu.

Prisoner escapes after posing as his identical twin brother.

Tags: Crime Escape Getaway Mistakes People Prison Woopsie.

The Work Blind.

Man creates a curtain for his work cubicle that makes it look like he is working. (via)

Tags: Culture Deception Escape Humor Ideas Make People Workplace.

Honey, I burnt down the house.

German woman trying to kill spiders with fire accidentally burns down her house instead.

Tags: Accident Escape Family Fire Lucky Mistakes People Pests Woopsie.

Read how they did it.

Thieves in Brazil tunnel under a bank and heist $85 million.

Tags: Crime Discovery Escape Getaway Money People Theft.

Lifesaver and the Jerk.

Pet owner teaches dog to dial 911.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Caught Crime Escape Fear Fire Ideas Mistakes Movies People Pets Phone Prank Security Survival.

Message in a bottle.

Bank successfully robbed via the drive-through window.

Tags: Cars Crime Escape Getaway Money Robbery.

Bye now.

Man tunnels out of trailer surrounded by police, escapes.

Tags: Crime Embarrassing Escape Spouse.

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