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CBS will advertise TV shows for its fall lineup on the shells of eggs.

Tags: Eggs Food Ideas Marketing Technology TV.

Destination Truth.

TV crew discovers fresh Bigfoot footprint in the jungles of Johor, Malaysia.

Tags: Bigfoot Discovery TV.


System that will allow users to communicate in “chat room” style using televisions. (via)

Tags: Technology TV User Web.


All-weather outdoor LCD television. (via)

Tags: Improvements Products TV.

Dead woman watching.

Ohio woman has been sitting in front of her TV dead for 2 ½ years.

Tags: Bizarre Death People TV.


Five of the six numbers from ABC‘s Lost TV drama show up in Irish lottery. (via)

Tags: Contests Culture Lottery Numbers TV.

Dead Body Guy.

Man who wants to play dead for a living. (via)

Tags: Blog Bogus Crime Death Entertainment Marketing Murder Music People TV Web.

4 8 15 16 23 42.

Apple dashboard widget that simulates the Dharma Initiative computer from the TV show Lost, in which you must enter the correct code and push the button every 108 minutes. (via)

Tags: Culture Too much free time TV.

The Force is with them.

Cable channel buys TV rights to all six Star Wars movies. (via)

Tags: Business Culture Entertainment Marketing Money Movies Star Wars TV.

Moving ads.

German electronics firm has created paper-sized TV screens that can be used to animate ads in newspapers and magazines. (via)

Tags: Ideas Marketing Publishing Technology TV Video.

MAD face.

Dr. Claw, the villain on the Inspector Gadget TV show, has his face finally revealed. (via)

Tags: Cartoons Culture Entertainment Movies TV.


Scientists have taught dolphins to sing the Batman theme. (via)

Tags: Entertainment Evolution Fish Learning Milestones Movies Music TV.

Buddy system.

RentmyDVR.com: Hire someone to digitally record your favorite TV show for you to download. (via)

Tags: Culture Entertainment Ideas Movies Resources Technology TV Video Web.

CSI: Topeka.

Controversial Hallmark greeting card makes fun of a Kansas city. (via)

Tags: Controversy Culture Humor Products Propaganda Protest Publishing TV.

Choose your own adventure.

British TV show is allowing its viewers to interact with the plot and chose the outcome by voting with text-messaging.

Tags: Ideas Phone Technology TV User.

Ratings booster.

Dutch man to take heroin and LSD live on TV. (via)

Tags: Challenge Culture Drugs People TV.

Mr. Potato.

Sri Lankan man breaks record for longest time spent watching TV: almost 70 hours.

Tags: Ego Guinness Milestones People TV.

Pricelessly awful.

The ‘Chuck says, Rufus says, Kathy says‘ hilarity that was R. Kelly‘s live performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity Embarrassing Entertainment Humor Music People TV Video.

Not ready for prime time.

Man who held up a convenience store with a ‘drill bitmay have been influenced by TV crime shows. (via)

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Entertainment People Robbery TV.


Charlie Murphy: ‘Chappelle’s Show is over‘.

Tags: Celebrity Entertainment Humor Parody People Politics TV.

Party time. Excellent.

Air guitar to be subject of study for PhD.

Tags: Culture Education Entertainment Hard rock Ideas Music People Research TV.

Step away from the La-Z-Boy.

This just in: Men still hog the remote.

Tags: Culture Entertainment His Humor Research TV.

They are a-changing.

TV Guide to cut price and go full-size.

Tags: Change Culture Entertainment Magazines TV.

Please Cooter don’t hurt ’em.

Cooter is urging Dukes of Hazzard purists to boycott the upcoming new movie. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Entertainment Movies People Propaganda Protest TV.

Made for CSI.

A passenger involved in a fatal car accident in Japan had been dead at least one day before the accident. (via)

Tags: Bizarre TV Unexplained Wrecks.

Do not try this at home.

Unlike a scene out of Jackass, kidnap prankster wannabes get busted.

Tags: Crime Culture Entertainment Kidnapping Movies TV.

Reality television.

Man watches himself get arrested on TV.

Tags: Crime TV.


Some interesting footage of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston for an upcoming reality TV show.

Tags: Entertainment Music People TV.

You mean that stuff isn’t real?

And now you have it: the real dope on fake dope.

Tags: Culture Entertainment Humor Movies TV.


What if you could watch the Dukes of Hazzard for a year on TV, learn everything you could about the show, and get paid 100k for it. Seriously!

Tags: Cars Contests Culture Entertainment Money TV.

Movies all month

Turner Classic Movies is doing their annual 31 Days of Oscar, where they show movies all month that have won at least one Academy Award. The real cool thing is that they take full advantage of the ‘cable’ idea and keep all original content in, even vulgarity. And no commercials either! Woo-hoo!

Tags: Entertainment Movies TV.

Gay TV star

Marcia Cross of Desperate Housewives apparently has an image problem with her sexuality.

Tags: Entertainment People Sex TV.

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