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Geometrical music theory.

Researchers have developed a mathematical method that turns music into shapes.

Tags: Math Music.

Tooth Tunes.

Toothbrush that plays music while brushing that you hear in your head. (via)

Tags: Kids Marketing Music Products Sound Teeth.


Mathematicians create a triple-necked guitar that operates on the principles of Pythagoras and produces non-harmonic sounds.

Tags: 11 Guitar Math Music Sound.

Code M.

Shoes that can store and play up to 100 songs. (via)

Tags: Culture Footwear Music Technology.

For all the little O.G’s.

Gangsta rap coloring book. (via)

Tags: Books Celebrity Culture Hip Hop.


Website that has the #1 Billboard song for every day since 1940.

Tags: Culture Day Music Web.


Musical piece that will play continuously for 1000 years. (via)

Tags: Art Math Music World.


Concert, also called the John Cage Organ Project, will take 639 years to perform.

Tags: Milestones Music People.

Dead Body Guy.

Man who wants to play dead for a living. (via)

Tags: Blog Bogus Crime Death Entertainment Marketing Murder Music People TV Web.


Scientists have taught dolphins to sing the Batman theme. (via)

Tags: Entertainment Evolution Fish Learning Milestones Movies Music TV.

Have you seen Kenny?

Web site for men who look like Kenny Rogers. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Country Music People Photos Too much free time Web.

CSI Britney.

Britney Spears to quit her music and pursue career in forensic science.

Tags: Celebrity Change Education Music People.

Maim that tune.

Counteract the tune that you have stuck in your head with an even catchier tune using the Maimograph Machine. (via)

Tags: Brain Culture Humor Music Resources Web.

Rock still lives.

Hard Rock Cafe‘s 112-foot electric guitar sign survives 7 hours of 100-mph hurricane-force winds in Biloxi. (via)

Tags: Hard rock Music Natural Disasters Survival Unexplained.

Pricelessly awful.

The ‘Chuck says, Rufus says, Kathy says‘ hilarity that was R. Kelly‘s live performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity Embarrassing Entertainment Humor Music People TV Video.


Ted Nugent is offering his hunting skills to protect Manitoba from bears.

Tags: Animals Celebrity Deadly Death Hunting Music People Preservation Prevention Security Survival.


World ‘air guitar’ champion crowned in Finland.

Tags: Contests Culture Hard rock Music People Prizes World.

Shut your mouth.

Lip synching banned in Turkmenistan.

Tags: Bizarre Culture Music Politics.

It’s been real.

The mysterious Piano Man, the supposed mute piano-playing prodigy who was found on a British beach back in April, reveals his hoax and goes back home to Germany.

Tags: Bizarre Bogus Discovery Followup Music People.

Man, what are you doing here?

Piano Man, the mute man with an incredible talent for playing classical piano, may never be identified.

Tags: Bizarre Discovery Followup Music People Unexplained.

Help a brother out.

John Mayer to fans: ‘Finish my song‘.

Tags: Art Celebrity Challenge Contests Entertainment Music.

Party time. Excellent.

Air guitar to be subject of study for PhD.

Tags: Culture Education Entertainment Hard rock Ideas Music People Research TV.

Art confusing life.

Album cover depicting a barcode being mistakenly scanned for real barcode at record stores. (via)

Tags: Art Discovery Entertainment Irony Mistakes Music.

Say what?

Deaf Black Sabbath fan jailed for playing music too loud. (via)

Tags: Busted Entertainment Hard rock Irony Music.

On da Road Again, mon.

Willie Nelson to release a reggae album.

Tags: Celebrity Country Entertainment Music People Reggae.

I’m Omarion, bitch.

American singer in London, who was totally unharmed by the terror events of 7/7, wants his fans to pray for him.

Tags: Celebrity Ego Mistakes Music People.


Interesting messages revealed by playing songs backwards. (via)

Tags: Art Language Music Technology.

Straight outta the Hamptons.

‘Fight the power’ dream being realized by increasingly white majority at hip hop shows.

Tags: Culture Entertainment Hip Hop Irony Music.

Hee hee!

A whole mouthful of Michael Jackson jokes.

Tags: Celebrity Culture Entertainment Humor Legal Music News People Scandal.


Some interesting footage of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston for an upcoming reality TV show.

Tags: Entertainment Music People TV.

Neither has he.

Have you seen Stevie Wonder’s new video…?

Tags: Entertainment Ideas Music People.


Show ’em your metal face.

Tags: Contests Entertainment Music.

I want my XM.

How subscritption satellite radio is forcing the broadcast industry to change.

Tags: Business Entertainment Music Technology.

Movies that rock.

The Top Eleven Ten Best Rock Films of all time.

Tags: Culture Entertainment Humor Movies Music People.

McGangsta beeyatch.

Answering McDonald’s shout out to rappers, Gatbustaz serve up a hot new single.

Tags: Culture Entertainment Hip Hop Marketing Music.

Mac Daddy.

You’ll hear Big Mac a lot more in rap songs this summer because the artists will be getting paid by Micky D’s.

Tags: Business Entertainment Hip Hop Ideas Money Music.


Gettin’ righteous with the hottest single in religious rap today: Baby Got Book.

Tags: Culture Entertainment Hip Hop Humor Music Religion.

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