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Camera-neutralizing technology.

Technology that can block digital cameras from taking pictures or recording videos. (via)

Tags: Digital cameras Movies Piracy Technology.

Kaori Tsushin.

Scent transmission to be added to the movie theatre experience.

Tags: Business Ideas Movies Smell.


Company offering subscribers on-demand home viewing of movies the day they are released on DVD.

Tags: Business Entertainment Movies Video.

Color of the Cross.

Movie that will portray Jesus as a black man.

Tags: Change Culture History Jesus Movies Religion.

No need for Bruce Willis.

Scientists plan to divert asteroids from hitting Earth by spraying paint on them.

Tags: Asteroids Astronomy Celebrity Movies Paint.

Sugar glass.

How to make fake glass. (via)

Tags: Bogus How-to Make Movies.

The Force is with them.

Cable channel buys TV rights to all six Star Wars movies. (via)

Tags: Business Culture Entertainment Marketing Money Movies Star Wars TV.


Canadian man buys $2500 worth of Serenity movie tickets and hands them out to people.

Tags: Bizarre Entertainment Money Movies Propaganda.

MAD face.

Dr. Claw, the villain on the Inspector Gadget TV show, has his face finally revealed. (via)

Tags: Cartoons Culture Entertainment Movies TV.

Shire. Baggins.

Scientists have found more proof that hobbits roamed the earth.

Tags: Archaeology Culture Discovery Entertainment Movies Paleontology.


Scientists have taught dolphins to sing the Batman theme. (via)

Tags: Entertainment Evolution Fish Learning Milestones Movies Music TV.

How it should have ended.

Web site with animated alternate endings to movies. (via)

Tags: Art Culture Downloads Entertainment Humor Ideas Movies Star Wars Video Web.

Buddy system.

RentmyDVR.com: Hire someone to digitally record your favorite TV show for you to download. (via)

Tags: Culture Entertainment Ideas Movies Resources Technology TV Video Web.

One time video.

Microsoft invents a disposable DVD that can only be played one time. (via)

Tags: Ideas Movies Prevention Products.

Tips from Hannibal.

Captured fugitive in Pennsylvania tries to bite off his own fingerprints to avoid being identified.

Tags: Bizarre Busted Caught Deception Entertainment Movies People.

Yo Rocko.

eBay: You can bid on the 10-foot bronze statue of the Italian Stallion that was created for the Rocky III movie. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture eBay Movies People.


Star Wars profanity. (via)

Tags: Blog Culture Language Movies Star Wars Web.

Hokey religions.

More than 70,000 people in Australia have declared that they are followers of the Jedi faith. (via)

Tags: Culture Entertainment Movies Religion Star Wars.

Got sex ever?

Real-life 40-year-old virgins are suing Universal Pictures for making ‘them very uncomfortable’ with the soon-to-be-realeased “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”. (via)

Tags: Culture Ego Entertainment Legal Movies Parody People Protest Sex.

Train Man.

Say you’re a geek in Japan and get a discounted movie theatre ticket.

Tags: Culture Entertainment Geek Money Movies People.

Challenge Darth Vader.

Flash game: Darth Vader uses the force to read your mind. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Entertainment Flash games Movies People Star Wars.

I pity the fool.

Mr T to reprise his role as Clubber Lang in the upcoming Rocky 6. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Entertainment Movies People.

I was running!

Man plans to make like Forrest Gump and run across the United States.

Tags: Challenge Culture Entertainment Fitness Ideas Movies People.

The one.

Play the six degrees to Kevin Bacon game online. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Entertainment Games Movies People.

10 MPH.

A man rides from Seattle to Boston on a Segway and a filmmaker will be capturing it all. (via)

Tags: Challenge Culture Entertainment Ideas Movies People Travel.

Not like the Oompa Loompa doompadee do.

Man’s claim to being an Oompa Loompa in the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory proves to be as phony as this author claiming to have found the fifth golden ticket.

Tags: Bogus Culture Deception Entertainment Movies People.

Lifesaver and the Jerk.

Pet owner teaches dog to dial 911.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Caught Crime Escape Fear Fire Ideas Mistakes Movies People Pets Phone Prank Security Survival.

Didn’t get the memo.

Danish police break up ‘street fight‘ that was being filmed for a movie.

Tags: Embarrassing Entertainment Mistakes Movies Woopsie.


Dog with a talent for emulating ‘emergency vehiclessaves house from fire.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Entertainment Fire Movies Pets Prevention Survival.

Face off.

Cleveland Clinic set to perform first-ever face transplant. (via)

Tags: Culture Entertainment Milestones Movies Research Surgery.

They’re no ligers.

Two tiglon cubs born in China.

Tags: Animals Culture Entertainment Movies.

Jesus speaking.

Phone number mistakenly shown in the movie Bruce Almighty actually belongs to Florida woman who receives ‘15 to 20 calls an hour from people asking for God‘. (via)

Tags: Accident Culture Entertainment Mistakes Movies Phone Prank Religion.

Please Cooter don’t hurt ’em.

Cooter is urging Dukes of Hazzard purists to boycott the upcoming new movie. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Entertainment Movies People Propaganda Protest TV.

Immortal phrases.

The American Film Institute’s Top 100 US Movie Quotes.

Tags: Celebrity Culture Entertainment Language Movies People.

Do not try this at home.

Unlike a scene out of Jackass, kidnap prankster wannabes get busted.

Tags: Crime Culture Entertainment Kidnapping Movies TV.

You will live in happiness, too.

Lucky boy wins a Golden Ticket.

Tags: Contests Culture Movies.

People soap.

Real-life Fight Club soap produced by Italian artist from the fat of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Tags: Art Movies People Politics.

Do the chickens have large talons?

Spelling Bee contestant slips in Napoleon Dynamite reference.

Tags: Contests Culture Entertainment Humor Movies.

Empire being no. 1, of course.

You can make a difference and rate the Star Wars movies sans Episode III. (via)

Tags: Entertainment Movies Star Wars.

Early tremors.

Exciting early reviews of Revenge of the Sith.

Tags: Culture Entertainment Movies Star Wars.

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