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Geometrical music theory.

Researchers have developed a mathematical method that turns music into shapes.

Tags: Math Music.

Tooth Tunes.

Toothbrush that plays music while brushing that you hear in your head. (via)

Tags: Kids Marketing Music Products Sound Teeth.


CBS will advertise TV shows for its fall lineup on the shells of eggs.

Tags: Eggs Food Ideas Marketing Technology TV.


Mathematicians create a triple-necked guitar that operates on the principles of Pythagoras and produces non-harmonic sounds.

Tags: 11 Guitar Math Music Sound.

Camera-neutralizing technology.

Technology that can block digital cameras from taking pictures or recording videos. (via)

Tags: Digital cameras Movies Piracy Technology.

Kaori Tsushin.

Scent transmission to be added to the movie theatre experience.

Tags: Business Ideas Movies Smell.


Company offering subscribers on-demand home viewing of movies the day they are released on DVD.

Tags: Business Entertainment Movies Video.


Company that operates weightless flights to begin offering them to the general public.

Tags: Airplanes Business Entertainment Space.

Code M.

Shoes that can store and play up to 100 songs. (via)

Tags: Culture Footwear Music Technology.

Ocean Dome.

World’s largest indoor beach. (via)

Tags: Entertainment Guinness Theme parks Water.

Baseball’s Best Burger.

Baseball stadium to offer double bacon cheeseburger served between a Krispy Kreme doughnut. (via)

Tags: Bacon Baseball Entertainment Food.

Destination Truth.

TV crew discovers fresh Bigfoot footprint in the jungles of Johor, Malaysia.

Tags: Bigfoot Discovery TV.

For all the little O.G’s.

Gangsta rap coloring book. (via)

Tags: Books Celebrity Culture Hip Hop.


Website that has the #1 Billboard song for every day since 1940.

Tags: Culture Day Music Web.

Color of the Cross.

Movie that will portray Jesus as a black man.

Tags: Change Culture History Jesus Movies Religion.


System that will allow users to communicate in “chat room” style using televisions. (via)

Tags: Technology TV User Web.


All-weather outdoor LCD television. (via)

Tags: Improvements Products TV.

Dead woman watching.

Ohio woman has been sitting in front of her TV dead for 2 ½ years.

Tags: Bizarre Death People TV.


Musical piece that will play continuously for 1000 years. (via)

Tags: Art Math Music World.


Concert, also called the John Cage Organ Project, will take 639 years to perform.

Tags: Milestones Music People.

No need for Bruce Willis.

Scientists plan to divert asteroids from hitting Earth by spraying paint on them.

Tags: Asteroids Astronomy Celebrity Movies Paint.


Five of the six numbers from ABC‘s Lost TV drama show up in Irish lottery. (via)

Tags: Contests Culture Lottery Numbers TV.

Dead Body Guy.

Man who wants to play dead for a living. (via)

Tags: Blog Bogus Crime Death Entertainment Marketing Murder Music People TV Web.

Sugar glass.

How to make fake glass. (via)

Tags: Bogus How-to Make Movies.

4 8 15 16 23 42.

Apple dashboard widget that simulates the Dharma Initiative computer from the TV show Lost, in which you must enter the correct code and push the button every 108 minutes. (via)

Tags: Culture Too much free time TV.

The Force is with them.

Cable channel buys TV rights to all six Star Wars movies. (via)

Tags: Business Culture Entertainment Marketing Money Movies Star Wars TV.


Canadian man buys $2500 worth of Serenity movie tickets and hands them out to people.

Tags: Bizarre Entertainment Money Movies Propaganda.

Moving ads.

German electronics firm has created paper-sized TV screens that can be used to animate ads in newspapers and magazines. (via)

Tags: Ideas Marketing Publishing Technology TV Video.

MAD face.

Dr. Claw, the villain on the Inspector Gadget TV show, has his face finally revealed. (via)

Tags: Cartoons Culture Entertainment Movies TV.

Shire. Baggins.

Scientists have found more proof that hobbits roamed the earth.

Tags: Archaeology Culture Discovery Entertainment Movies Paleontology.


Scientists have taught dolphins to sing the Batman theme. (via)

Tags: Entertainment Evolution Fish Learning Milestones Movies Music TV.

How it should have ended.

Web site with animated alternate endings to movies. (via)

Tags: Art Culture Downloads Entertainment Humor Ideas Movies Star Wars Video Web.

Ghost man.

Emaciated Indian man has spent his life roaming villages ‘scaring the daylights out of people. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Costumes Entertainment Fear Jobs Money People.

Buddy system.

RentmyDVR.com: Hire someone to digitally record your favorite TV show for you to download. (via)

Tags: Culture Entertainment Ideas Movies Resources Technology TV Video Web.

One time video.

Microsoft invents a disposable DVD that can only be played one time. (via)

Tags: Ideas Movies Prevention Products.

CSI: Topeka.

Controversial Hallmark greeting card makes fun of a Kansas city. (via)

Tags: Controversy Culture Humor Products Propaganda Protest Publishing TV.

Have you seen Kenny?

Web site for men who look like Kenny Rogers. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Country Music People Photos Too much free time Web.

Tips from Hannibal.

Captured fugitive in Pennsylvania tries to bite off his own fingerprints to avoid being identified.

Tags: Bizarre Busted Caught Deception Entertainment Movies People.

Yo Rocko.

eBay: You can bid on the 10-foot bronze statue of the Italian Stallion that was created for the Rocky III movie. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture eBay Movies People.

CSI Britney.

Britney Spears to quit her music and pursue career in forensic science.

Tags: Celebrity Change Education Music People.

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