Category: Engineering

David’s stone.

Researchers have proposed the idea of capturing an asteroid and engineering it to take out any Earth-bound threats. (via)

Tags: Asteroids Astronomy Engineering Protection Space.

Lithium monoboride compound.

Binary alloy that is theorized to be a record-breaking superconductive structure when synthesized. (via)

Tags: Discovery Engineering Materials Metals Record breakers.

Superconducting memory cell.

Scientists have engineered an extraordinarily efficient memory cell from superconducting materials that experiences no electrical resistance and virtually has no speed limit. (via)

Tags: Engineering Memory.

Fossil water.

Libya is sitting on one of the oldest freshwater aquifers in the world.

Tags: Engineering Recycling Water.

Single-electron tunneling device.

Silicon transistor that can be switched on or off by the motion of electrons. (via)

Tags: Engineering Nanotechnology.


Researchers have used oscillating sound waves to produce a shock wave that can induce nuclear fusion. (via)

Tags: Chemistry Energy Engineering Science Sound.

Dual theorems.

New mathematical method, a combination of kinematics and statics, allows structures to be designed that can maintain their strength when damaged or compromised. (via)

Tags: Design Engineering Math.


Scientists have created a material 40 times harder than diamonds. (via)

Tags: Engineering Make Nanotechnology Synthetics.

Collective synchronization.

Wobbling bridge in England caused by people walking the same way. (via)

Tags: Discovery Engineering Phenomena Physics.

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