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Interactive program that allows sick or suspended children a telepresence in the classroom by synching a robot at home with a robot in the classroom.

Tags: Education Kids Program Robots.

Parapsychology 101.

Indiana University to offer course in ghost hunting. (via)

Tags: Death Education How-to Unexplained.

Ur in.

Nebraska college is text messaging acceptance notices to new students.

Tags: Culture Education Phone Technology.

Novel idea.

California college bookstores offering students textbook rental service. (via)

Tags: Books Education Ideas Money.

Drosophila melanogangsters.

Harvard research program dubbed Fruit Fly Fight Club pits fruit flies fighting against one another, with video. (via)

Tags: Bugs Education Research Study Video.

Old school.

52 year-old man makes college basketball team.

Tags: Basketball Education People Sports.


Massachusetts high school bans the word ‘Freshmen’. (via)

Tags: Culture Education Language.


Florida high school football team voluntarily forfeits the rest of season after being outscored 299-0 in the first six games. (via)

Tags: Education Embarrassing Football Sports.

College try.

MIT students recreate ArchimedesDeath Ray and successfully burn a hole in a ship. (via)

Tags: Build Challenge Education Fire History Make People Research Sailing Study.


British university is offering a degree in searching for extraterrestrial life beyond Earth.

Tags: Change Education Learning Milestones Research Study UFO Unexplained.

Deductible broomstick.

Witches in Amsterdam get a tax break for the money they spend on training, magic potions.

Tags: Bizarre Education Magic Money People Taxes Unexplained.

Dry campus.

Siena College in New York bans the drinking of any kind of beverage in a container on campus. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Change Coffee Education Politics Security Water.

CSI Britney.

Britney Spears to quit her music and pursue career in forensic science.

Tags: Celebrity Change Education Music People.

M.S. Interactive Entertainment.

University of Central Florida starts video game graduate school program. (via)

Tags: Change Culture Education Resources Video Games.

Bullet with butterfly wings.

Army develops coloring book to teach kids living living on military base the dangers of ammunition they may find.

Tags: Bullets Education Ideas Kids Learning Prevention Resources Weapons.

Burgers 101.

NYU to offer course about ‘hamburger appreciation.

Tags: Bizarre Culture Education Food.

F-ing limit.

School in England allowing students to swear at teachers a maximum of five times per lesson.

Tags: Change Culture Education Language.

Potty U.

The World Toilet Organization is opening the world’s first toilet college.

Tags: Education Hygiene Learning Milestones World.

Come on.

Boy inventor given a grade of C for inventing a hamster-powered cell phone charger.

Tags: Animals Education Gadgets Ideas Make People Pets Phone.

Ticket Assassin.

California: Beat your speeding ticket(s) by mail with Ticket Assassin. (via)

Tags: Business Education Legal Resources Web.


Dinosaur footprints discovered in a college building wall.

Tags: Archaeology Bizarre Discovery Education Paleontology.

No shiznit?

Got a cursing problem? You might want to consider enrolling in the Cuss Control Academy to kick the f-ing habit. (via)

Tags: Culture Education Language Resources.

Poetic lysinse.

Pissed off artist reluctantly corrects her misspellings on murals she created for the Livermore public library in San Francisco. (via)

Tags: Accident Art Caught Change Discovery Education Ego Embarrassing Followup Humor Language Mistakes People Woopsie.

Spartan achievement.

You can minor in video game design at Michigan State University.

Tags: Education Ideas Research Video Games.

Party time. Excellent.

Air guitar to be subject of study for PhD.

Tags: Culture Education Entertainment Hard rock Ideas Music People Research TV.

Free beer!

Making the world open source, one beer at a time. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Education Geek Ideas Open source Technology World.

Personal MBA.

You can simulate having studied for an MBA by reading these forty business books. (via)

Tags: Business Education Marketing Resources Taxes.

George Carlin-ism.

You didn’t fail. You just deferred success.

Tags: Education Language.

PTA vs. WWE.

I would have been better off beating a kid, because those teachers always seem to keep their jobs.”

Tags: Deception Discovery Education Entertainment Fired Sports Wrestling.


Proof that there are trade associations for just about everything.

Tags: Bogus Education.

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