Category: Earthquake

Subducted lithosphere.

Seismologists have discovered a massive section of ocean floor that has sunk halfway to the center of the Earth’s core. (via)

Tags: Discovery Earthquake Volcano.

Compass 2.

Russian satellite designed to forecast earthquakes from outer space. (via)

Tags: Earthquake Space.


NASA re-evaluates the data collected from the Apollo missions and concludes that there is seismic activity on the moon. (via)

Tags: Earthquake Moon Organizations.

Sonic Detection and Ranging.

Meteorological technique that measures sound waves to predict earthquakes.

Tags: Earthquake Measure Natural Disasters Sound.

Without a trace.

Myterious tremors felt in Maine last week did not show up on seismic instruments.

Tags: Bizarre Earthquake Unexplained.


Japanese machine to dig to the center of the Earth. (via)

Tags: Challenge Earthquake Milestones Research Study.

Dead zone.

Scientists dive into the Indian Ocean epicenter of last year’s tsunami and find it completely devoid of life.

Tags: Earthquake Environmental History Natural Disasters Water.

Continental shift.

Due to seismic activity, the city of Victoria, British Columbia has moved 3 millimeters to the west in the past two days.

Tags: Earthquake.

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