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Experimental drug that binds to neurons in the brain and stops the impairing effects of being drunk. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Brain Drugs Drunk Research.

Beer-for-your-horses bill.

South Dakota legalizes drunken horse riding and bike riding.

Tags: Alcohol Drunk Legal Travel.

Dead drunk.

Bartender sent to prison for mixing a drink that killed a customer. (recipe)

Tags: Alcohol Crime Death Drunk People Punishment.

Food fight.

Police officer assaulted with fried chicken.

Tags: Bizarre Drunk Food People Weapons.

Last laugh.

British woman barred from a bar because ‘her high-pitched laugh was annoying other drinkers.

Tags: Alcohol Annoying Drunk People Punishment.

Drunk dozin’.

You can pry my bulldozer from my dead drunk hands.

Tags: Alcohol Bizarre Busted Caught Chase Crime Drunk People Redneck Wrecks.

Drinking and riding.

If you’re in the Dallas area and are out drinking, play it safe and call Wingman to give you a lift home in your own car. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Business Cars Drunk Ideas Prevention.

Asking for trouble.

Drunk man asks cops where his car is.

Tags: Alcohol Busted Cars Caught Crime Drunk Mistakes People.

Birdus Inebrius.

Drunken birds flying through New Zealand.

Tags: Animals Drunk.

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