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Illicit Drug Detector.

Gun being developed for law enforcement that will use UV light to scan for drugs. (via)

Tags: Drugs HAZMAT Homeland Security Law enforcement Security Technology.


Plant that a company has genetically modified to produce human insulin. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Drugs Insulin Plants.


Drug being tested that allows PTSD victims the ability to edit memories of their traumatic events.

Tags: Controversy Drugs Happiness Memory PTSD Reconsolidation Wellness.


Experimental drug that targets disease-causing genes and destroys them. (via)

Tags: Disease Drugs Genes Research.


Cannabis ice tea.

Tags: Drinks Drugs Products THC.

Electroporation microfluidic channel.

Researchers have created a device that can scan a single cell for diseases. (via)

Tags: Cells Drugs Genes Scanner Technology.


Compound that is derived from marijuana has been engineered to lower high blood pressure without the hallucinatory effects.

Tags: Blood pressure Cardiovascular Disease Drugs Health.


Drug entering clinical trials that blocks the spread of HIV.

Tags: Clinical trials Drugs HIV Virus.

Magnetophoretic control.

Scientists use a magnetic field to control specially-designed nanodrugs and precisely deliver them to tumor cells. (via)

Tags: Cancer Discovery Drugs Health Nanotechnology Treatments.


Sleeping drug that is allowing patients to temporarily wake up from a permanent vegetative state. (via)

Tags: Brain Drugs Injury Unexplained.


Drug approved by the FDA for treating chemotherapy-associated nausea contains a synthetic version of the active ingredient in marijuana. (via)

Tags: Drugs Health Wellness.

Ventria Bioscience.

Company has developed a drug to combat diarrhea by growing rice engineered with human protein.

Tags: Bioengineering Business Controversy Drugs Food Genes Health.


Experimental drug that binds to neurons in the brain and stops the impairing effects of being drunk. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Brain Drugs Drunk Research.

War is over.

Mexico to decriminalize possession of small amounts of drugs.

Tags: Crime Drugs Govern War.


Drug designed to protect the body from UV exposure is implanted under the skin and produces a sun-tan. (via)

Tags: Cancer Drugs Skin.


Injectable drug designed to treat alcoholism approved by the FDA.

Tags: Alcohol Disease Drugs.


Drug used to treat hypertension discovered to have antidote properties that reverse nerve cell death. (via)

Tags: Discovery Drugs Injury.


Italian mafia plans to smuggle cocaine in from Colombia were foiled when they were caught trying to build a submarine.

Tags: Build Caught Crime Drugs.


Pill to treat shopaholics.

Tags: Culture Drugs Problems.

Macromolecular weight.

Technique of making cancer drugs heavier allows them to impact deeper into tumors.

Tags: Cancer Disease Drugs Improvements.


Marijuana is number 8 in the top 10 agricultural commodities for the state of Washington. (via)

Tags: Agriculture Drugs Numbers.


Diet pill that shows amazing results if taken for more than two years. (via)

Tags: Crazes Diet Drugs Weight loss.


The world’s first spray-on birth control. (via)

Tags: Drugs Kids Prevention Products.


Compound that kills the HIV virus. (via)

Tags: Death Disease Drugs HIV Virus.


Drug that increases dreaming during sleep with a side effect of weight loss. (via)

Tags: Diet Drugs Happiness Health Sleep Weight loss.

California cocktail.

Prescription drug traces discovered in treated Los Angeles drinking water.

Tags: Discovery Drugs Environmental Health Pollution Waste Water.


Experimental vaccine is proving to be safe and effective in preventing ricin poisoning.

Tags: Drugs Research War Weapons.


Thai man busted in Singapore for dealing drugs escapes caning by getting a sex change.

Tags: Busted Change Crime Drugs Hers His Legal People Sex.

Cocaine Corner.

New York man openly blogs about his cocaine addiction.

Tags: Blog Drugs People.

Coca Sek.

Colombian soft drink competing with Coca-Cola will include a cocaine ingredient.

Tags: Beverages Business Drugs Products.

Skid row-dents.

Squirrels in England are becoming hooked on crack. (via)

Tags: Animals Drugs.

Bufo toxin.

Kids in Australia are getting high on frogs.

Tags: Animals Crazes Culture Deadly Drugs Kids Lefthanded Smoking.

Ratings booster.

Dutch man to take heroin and LSD live on TV. (via)

Tags: Challenge Culture Drugs People TV.

Unfortunate fate.

A few million reasons to just say no.

Tags: Busted Caught Contests Crime Drugs Money People Prison Prizes.

Got milk?

Russian cows will be feasting on a diet of marijuana plants.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Discovery Drugs Food Ideas Lefthanded.

Croc soup.

Crocodile blood may contain new solutions for HIV, antibiotics.

Tags: Animals Discovery Disease Drugs Health Research Science.

Game over.

Man tests his video game skills and tries to outrun cops in real life. (via)

Tags: Cars Caught Chase Crime Drugs Fear Parole violation People Video Games Wanted Woopsie.

Like manna from Heaven.

Italian river flows with cocaine.

Tags: Discovery Drugs Water.

Stolen stash.

Be careful what type of merchandise you declare was stolen from you when filing a police report.

Tags: Busted Caught Crime Drugs Lefthanded Mistakes.

Happy ending.

If you can’t beat ’em, tie off your arm and shoot up before they haul you in.

Tags: Cars Caught Chase Crime Drugs.

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