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Homologous recombination.

Scientists discover that plants pass on stressful memories to their offspring. (via)

Tags: Discovery DNA Evolution Genes Plants Survival.

Neanderthal genome project.

Research project that will sequence the DNA of neanderthal in an attempt to clarify their relationship with modern-day humans. (via)

Tags: DNA Evolution Humans Neanderthal Research.


Lotion that quickly repairs the DNA in sunburn-damaged skin.

Tags: Cancer DNA Lotion Products Skin Sunburn Suntan.

Center for Grapevine Biotechnology.

Researchers are sequencing the genome of grapes to identify genes with characteristics that will help improve wine yields.

Tags: Cultivation DNA Genes Grapes Research Wine.


Biologists identify immortality genes in mice that can control a stem cell’s ability to split and then renew itself.

Tags: Animals DNA Genes Research Stem cells.

Gene expression.

Scientists observe a single gene transfer DNA information into RNA in the lab. (via)

Tags: DNA Genes Milestones Observe Transcription.

Gene therapy.

Scientists have used an artificial chromosome to correct a genetic defect in stem cells.

Tags: DNA Gene therapy Genes Research Stem cell.

Scladina sequence.

Scientists have recovered DNA from the tooth of a Neanderthal.

Tags: Anthropology DNA Historical record Neanderthal.

Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

Biologists sequence the DNA of a common bacteria and discover that it may have evolved to the point where it can only survive in yogurt.

Tags: Bacteria Discovery DNA Evolution Food.

Nutritional competence.

Scientists discover that bacteria eat DNA.

Tags: Bacteria Discovery DNA Food Research.


Scientists discover that RNA allows mice to pass on physical traits without the offspring inheriting the genes. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery DNA Genes Milestones Research.

Cell Track-ID.

Technique that can amplify genetic information from single strands of DNA may prove that Jack the Ripper was a woman.

Tags: Celebrity DNA History People Technology Unexplained.

Chromosome 1.

Final chromosome of the human genome is sequenced.

Tags: DNA Genes Life Milestones Research.

Homo neanderthalensis.

Scientists have successfully extracted nuclear DNA sequences from a Neanderthal.

Tags: DNA Milestones Research.

Activin Receptor Type IA.

Gene discovered that can mutate and cause muscles and soft tissue to metamorphosize into bone. (via)

Tags: Discovery Disease DNA Genes.

Chronic granulomatous disease.

Incurable illness has been eradicated in two afflicted patients using gene therapy treatment. (via)

Tags: Disease DNA Genes Milestones.

DNA art.

Scientists discover technique of folding strands of DNA to produce any shape. (via)

Tags: Art Design DNA Nanotechnology.


DNA test to be performed on Bigfoot footprint to determine its existence once and for all.

Tags: Bigfoot DNA Unexplained.

DNA bridge.

Singapore to build a bridge in the double-helix shape of DNA.

Tags: Build Challenge Design DNA.

Bio-molecular computer.

Researchers have built a computer that performs calculations using enzymes.

Tags: Computers DNA Research.

Y chromosome profile.

DNA may be used in crime investigations to predict the last name of the suspect. (via)

Tags: Crime DNA Genes Ideas.


Invisible DNA-based substance acts like permanent marker by staying on marked valuables for up to 30 years.

Tags: DNA Prevention Theft.


Newly discovered virus that may reclassify viruses as the the impetus for life forming on Earth. (via)

Tags: Discovery DNA Genes Virus.


Computer program that helps scientists design DNA sequences.

Tags: Bioengineering DNA Genes Web.


DNA that twists its double helix shape backwards to produce the abnormal gene sequences associated with cancer.

Tags: Disease DNA Genes.

Directed evolution.

Scientists have manipulated a benign virus to bypass the immune system and act as a delivery agent for gene therapy.

Tags: Bioengineering DNA Genes Virus.

Trace Archive.

Genetic database that stores DNA sequences records its billionth entry. (via)

Tags: DNA Milestones Research Resources Science Search Web.

What’s up, Doc?

Scientists want to create a human-rabbit embyo. (via)

Tags: Animals Bioengineering DNA Research Science.

Multiplex polymerase chain reaction.

German scientists rebuild a section of the wooly mammoth’s mitochondrial DNA.

Tags: Animals Archaeology DNA Paleontology Science.

Race gene.

DNA mutation discovered that produces white skin color. (via)

Tags: Discovery DNA Evolution Research.

Encyclopedia Brown.

Boy uses his spit and the Internet to track down biological father. (via)

Tags: Discovery DNA Family People Resources Search Web.


Company that will intertwine your DNA with a tree.

Tags: Business DNA Ego Ideas.

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