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Megaxantho zogue.

Crab fossil with over-sized crusher right claw discovered in a museum case.

Tags: Discovery Fossils Museum.


Scientists discover a new state of matter.

Tags: Discovery Matter Physics.

Eupodophis descouensi.

Ancient snake discovered that had two legs.

Tags: Discovery Fossil Prehistoric.

Green gasoline.

Researchers successfully convert plant cellulose into gasoline components.

Tags: Biomass Discovery Gas Green.

Propagation phase contrast microradiography.

Imaging technique has allowed scientists to see fossilized animals in a prehistoric piece of opaque amber.

Tags: Discovery Imaging Prehistoric.

HD 189733b.

Astronomers detect the life-forming molecule methane on a planet 63 light years away.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Milestones.


Scientist discovers gene that controls the shape of fruit.

Tags: Discovery Fruit Shape.


Archaeologists are exploring a lost city built by the Mycenaeans 3500 years ago.

Tags: Ancient Archaeology Discovery.

Microbacterium hatanonis.

Scientists discover a new strain of bacteria that lives in hairspray. (via)

Tags: Bacteria Discovery Products.


Researchers discover a gene that blocks HIV from infecting a cell.

Tags: Discovery Genes HIV.

North American mosquito fish.

Scientists discover that a fish can count up to the number four.

Tags: Discovery Fish Math.


Giant frog that lived 70 million years ago may show that the continents of South America and Africa were previously connected.

Tags: Discovery Fossil record.

Facial expression signature.

Researchers find evidence that facial expressions may be hereditary.

Tags: Discovery Facial expressions Hereditary Research.

Classic Chocolate Lager.

Chocolate beer.

Tags: Beer Beverages Chocolate Discovery Holidays Ideas Marketing Products.

Homologous recombination.

Scientists discover that plants pass on stressful memories to their offspring. (via)

Tags: Discovery DNA Evolution Genes Plants Survival.

Protein kinase G.

Enzyme discovered that acts like a switch which can turn chronic pain off. (via)

Tags: Discovery Pain Pain relief Protein.


Protein discovered that allows scientists to observe the human brain react to experience in real time. (via)

Tags: Brain Discovery Neurons Protein.

Lyman alpha blobs.

Astronomers discover a massive object containing galaxies and gas bubbles that is 200 million light-years wide.

Tags: Astronomy Big Bang Discovery Gas Space Universe.

Graf Zeppelin.

Divers have discovered the wreckage of Germany’s only aircraft carrier from World War II. (via)

Tags: Discovery History War Warship Wreckage WWII.

Species-reaction graphs.

Mathematical calculations created that help explain why cells sometimes react in unexpected ways with different meds. (via)

Tags: Biology Discovery Math Medicines Reactions.

Adipose-derived stem cells.

Researchers turn stem cells from human fat into smooth muscle cells.

Tags: Discovery Fat Muscle Research Stem cells.


South American fish with human-like teeth is caught in a Texas lake. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Discovery Fish Teeth.


British submarine from World War I discovered in deep water off the coast of Scotland. (via)

Tags: Discovery History Submarine War WWI.

Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-3.

Researchers discover a protein that makes vision possible by allowing the cornea to remain free of blood vessels. (via)

Tags: Cornea Discovery Eyes Vision.

Bone morpheonetic proteins.

Protein that induces cells to morph into bone can regenerate tissue around teeth damaged by gum disease. (via)

Tags: Bone Dental Discovery Gum Disease Materials Research Teeth Tissue regeneration.

Nano lube.

Researchers discover that friction can be reduced at the nanoscale level by using vibration to discharge built up energy.

Tags: Discovery Energy Friction Nanoscale Nanotechnology Production Research.


Scientists grow human stem cells inside of a mouse embryo. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Human genome Milestones Mouse Research Stem cells.

Rounded body with a near-gaussian distribution of curvatures.

Researchers discover the shape of a pebble and that it never changes as it erodes.

Tags: Discovery Distributions Math Research Rocks Shape.

Aaron Kosminski.

Polish barber that a detective of the day claims was Jack the Ripper.

Tags: Book Celebrity Crime Discovery History People Unsolved mysteries.

Ralstonia metallidurans.

Bacteria discovered that secretes pure gold.

Tags: Bacteria Biofilm Discovery Gold Precious metals.

Diceros bicornis longipes.

West African black rhino is now believed to be extinct. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Extinct Rhino.


Protein identified that is responsible for regulating cell death.

Tags: Ageing Biology Cells Discovery Disease.


Substance being used to treat brain cancer is developed from radioactive scorpion venom. (via)

Tags: Cancer Clinical trials Discovery Treatment Venom.

Active Building Envelope.

Thin-film technology that uses solar energy to turn ordinary surfaces into climate control systems. (via)

Tags: AC Discovery HVAC Materials Technology.


Researchers discover gene responsible for causing depression. (via)

Tags: Depression Discovery Genes.


Mobile service that helps you locate available city parking spaces which you can sell to others when you’re done. (via)

Tags: Business Discovery Mobile Online marketplace Parking Phone Technology Web.

Bacterial nanowires.

Microbiologist discovers that bacteria can sprout tiny wires called pili which can be bioengineered to power electronic devices. (via)

Tags: Bacteria Bioengineering Discovery Energy Microbiology Power.

Eau de human.

Researchers have patented chemicals in a human odor that act as a natural mosquito repellent. (via)

Tags: Discovery Patent Smell.

Cataglyphis fortis.

Desert ants that navigate by counting their steps. (via)

Tags: Ants Bugs Discovery Pedometer.

Predecessor cells.

Researchers identify the very first neurons that are responsible for developing the cerebral cortex. (via)

Tags: Brain Cognition Discovery Genes.

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